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Logitech M190 Review: Minimalist Mouse

One wheel, two buttons, and a year and a half.

As laptops become more responsive and comfortable touchpads, the need for a mouse is gradually disappearing. However, the world of computer mouse is still alive and developing. Gamers and office workers need mice – that’s about a simple Logitech M190.

Logitech M190 Review


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Logitech M190: Laconic Design

The mouse comes in plastic packaging, which lists the main advantages of the device. No scissors are required to open the blister: you need to pull on the special tab, after which you can say goodbye to the packaging.

I got the M190 for testing in a dark gray color. The mouse still comes in light gray, red, or blue. The body is made of matte plastic, with a noticeable notch on the sides for a more confident grip. Rubber pads would not have been in the way, but they have been reserved for more expensive models.

I’m used to using the touchpad in conjunction with the iMac, but I sat tightly on the mouse to get the feeling for a while. I liked the relatively large body of the mouse. According to Logitech, it was made for users with medium to large hands. I have a medium-sized palm, and I was comfortable with the Logitech M190.

I am right-handed, but left-handed people will also be comfortable with an asymmetrical mouse: minimalistic, with only two buttons and a scroll wheel, no additional keys. The center of gravity of the mouse is shifted to the bottom. In my opinion, this nuance does not affect the usability, but I will note it just in case.

In general, I liked the mouse, except that the buttons click loudly. I would like to lower the click volume. But the scroll works quietly, and there is no noise while scrolling through the lists. I also note the stepwise scrolling with little effort.

Logitech M190: Communication and Speed

The mouse connects via a wireless transmitter. It connects via USB-A. The housing has a storage compartment. Therefore, if you plan to take your mouse with you regularly, do not lose a small but essential accessory.

The connection is stable. I tried the mouse paired with my iMac and Microsoft Surface Go tablet – it works fine and without any glitches. Conveniently, you do not need to install software, plug the transmitter into the USB port of your computer, and then you can start working right away. Logitech promises uninterrupted operation within a 10-meter radius.

The mouse wakes up instantly; there are no delays or pauses in work. It does not turn off and is always connected.

I tried how the M190 works on a cloth surface, I have a wide Steelseries mat on my desk, and the mouse responds quickly and accurately. Then I removed the carpet and moved the mouse across the wooden table. It slides smoothly, the mouse has five plastic legs, and the laser sensor accurately detects movement.

One battery – one and a half years of work

An AA AA battery powers the mouse. The battery is already included in the kit, and you don’t need to buy it – a trifle, of course, but it’s nice that they didn’t save on it. Logitech claims that the M190 battery will last about a year and a half. I think the manufacturer’s words can be trusted.

Conclusion: Should you buy Logitech M190?

The mouse is relatively inexpensive – depending on the store’s pricing policy, it can be found for $14.99, while the value for money is excellent. It has a comfortable shape, a clear response, excellent autonomy, don’t forget about a three-year warranty either. Compact, simple, useful – the Logitech M190 is recommendable.

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Logitech M190 Review


Logitech M190 Specifications

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