As long as I live, I dream so much of a good 5.1 or 5.1.4 audio system, where there are also speakers on top. I want to watch a movie, plunging into the world of “Dolby Atmos,” “surroundings,” and other marketing names of what makes modern cinema very cool – in a word, the world of surround sound. However, there are three small problems with all these systems: wires, price, and the necessary space in the house or apartment for this joy. And this I am still silent about the rather complex process of setting up the entire system.

Various technical solutions have appeared that offer surround sound, even where it is practically impossible to achieve in recent years. For example, the Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar.

Coming to the price of Sennheiser Ambeo: $2499.95 This is a huge amount. However, for the money, you get a solution with which you will not be sweating about space and the setting, plunging into the very world of surround sound.

Sennheiser Ambeo: Technical Specifications

To understand what exactly the Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar is, I will give the technical parameters of this audio system:

  • Format: 5.1.4;
  • Power: 500W;
  • Amplifier class: D;
  • Frequency range: 30 – 20,000 Hz;
  • 13 loudspeakers: five-inch dome tweeters, two broadband drivers 3.5 “in diameter, six low-frequency long-throw woofers with a diameter of 4”;
  • Two dual-core 32-bit DSP processors;
  • Dimensions and weight: 1265 × 135 × 171 mm, 18.5 kg.


I watched several clips of films with surround sound. The system sounds impressive: even though there were no sound sources around me, only the Ambeo Soundbar, everything was shooting, flying, shimmering right around me. It seemed like I was in a room with a good audio system.

The Ambeo Soundbar works especially well with video recordings in which the audio tracks are already divided into five or seven channels. But with a stereo, the soundbar solves the main sore of the 2.0 audio systems located at the edges of the TV. The fact is that usually, such acoustics are located at the wrong angle to the viewer for viewing, which is why they do not hear full-fledged stereo. It is in such situations that the Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar seems to expand the stage, making the panning of the sound clearly distinguishable: everything that should be on the left is felt on the left; sounds panned to the right are heard on the right, and the center does not spread around the edges.

In it, I wonder how the percussion is played in the background at the beginning of the song, how the bridge is played at 2:10, and how airy the harp is.

With the surround sound mode turned off, the song did not evoke strong emotions: the soundbar was far from me, so I did not hear any volume. But as soon as we turned on the Ambeo Soundbar in the “Music” mode, the magic began: the stage expanded, the harp sounded as it should sound, an impressive volume appeared.

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Along the way, I began to twist the equalizer since the lows seemed to be insufficient. He added a little and froze: it became so good. If necessary, by the way, an active subwoofer can be connected to the Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar.

In general, both for watching movies and for music, the soundbar sounds very impressive. I didn’t expect that one would be enough to enjoy the sound.


A special calibration microphone is included with the Ambeo Soundbar. It must be placed where the audience will sit, for example, on the sofa.

Setting up is very simple: launch the Sennheiser Smart Control app on your smartphone, connect the soundbar, and start calibration. You can also start calibration by pressing the button on the top of the soundbar without using the app.

The entire setup process will end in a couple of minutes. During this time, the audio system will play special sounds that will give Ambeo Soundbar an idea of ​​the room and what kind of space you need to build a sound stage. And no more action is required from you.


Understanding Sennheiser Smart Control is not that difficult. On the desktop, you are offered quick access to several settings at once.

Here you will find:

  • Volume;
  • Putting Ambeo Soundbar into standby mode;
  • It turns on the night mode, in which the sound is directed exclusively to the place where you are. When you activate this mode, you do not interfere with watching a movie with your loved ones who are sleeping nearby;
  • Turning 3D sound on and off;
  • Choice of the three-dimensional sound operating mode: “Film,” “Music,” neutral settings, “News,” or “Sports.” For each mode, you can customize its own equalizer;
  • Selecting a signal source. And here are several options at once.
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There are really a lot of connectors:

By the way, many functions of the application are taken over by the remote control:


The Ambeo Soundbar is a large soundbar. It can be attached to a wall or placed on a TV stand. Sennheiser warned me: TVs with a diagonal of 65 inches are recommended!

If your TV set is smaller, then the soundbar will overwhelm it with its size. However, I’m wondering how it would look with my 55 ” panel.


For a good audio system, this is not much money. For this amount, you will get excellent 5.1.4 sound, freedom from wires, independence from the size and choice of room. Plus, you don’t have to plan your interior with a speaker in mind.

When purchasing the Ambeo Soundbar on the official Sennheiser website, CX 400BT headphones will be given as a gift.

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The excellent sound and sufficiency of this soundbar alone make the Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar a must-have for almost any room.

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