One of the benefits of cloud gaming is the ability to play wherever you are. In 2021, the range of devices that support streaming gaming services will expand, at least with LG TVs. The Korean company will release NanoCell, OLED, and QNED this spring, which will support Google Stadia and GeForce Now platforms.

Google has already confirmed that the Stadia app will be released for LG TVs “later in 2021”. The timing of GeForce Now’s appearance has not yet been specified, but they say that the application should appear “before the end of 2021”. As for older LG models, there is no word yet if Google Stadia and GeForce Now will be available for them.

LG’s 2021 TVs will also feature Game Optimizer, which allows you to customize the picture to work with consoles and PCs. You can change the audio delay, enable variable frame rate technology, enable a blue light filter, etc. From a technical point of view, the new items will support Freesync and G-Sync and offer HDMI 2.1 ports.

Sources: 9to5google, Engadget

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