LG’s mobile division was founded in 1996, and the company decided to close it 25 years later. The company issued an official press release on LG’s withdrawal from the smartphone market on April 5. It announced that it plans to complete all operations to close its operations by July 31.

At the same time, the company did not give a clear comment on what would happen to those in development. In particular, the most interesting is the future of the Rainbow, a smartphone with an expandable display. Uncertainty has sparked rumours that the company may release a successor to the LG V60 in May or June, and yesterday photos of the LG Rainbow and LG V70 were posted online.

Today the company has finally decided to clarify whether LG will release new devices or not. His spokesman gave an official comment on the AndroidAuthority publication, in which he stated that he was not sure if yesterday’s smartphone photos were accurate, but “no device will be further developed.”

The history of LG smartphones has come to an end. The company will not release mobile devices in the coming years. Perhaps someday, it will still return to mobile phones’ release, but not shortly.

LG has commented on the release of its further smartphones (LG)

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