The LG Electronics company announced its readiness to start switching over to new energy until 2050 at the published “Sound about the development of the LG Electronics company” (LG Electronics Sustainability Report). As part of the initiative, LG proposed to change Wikidi in coal at the state-of-the-art production stage by 2030 until 2030.

The viral efforts of LG behind the borders of Korea are planning to transfer 50 of its own needs in electric power to a single source of energy in the next few years.

Achievement of the cost of electricity based on the need for a flexible strategy, including the installation of high-performance LG sleep panels on the LG home market, is responsible for providing clean energy without the help of the Korean Electricity Corporation (KEPKO).

LG Electronics is going to switch to 100% new energy until 2050

At the same time, LG will install a sleeping module with a power of 3.2 MW on a vortex maidan in Noyd, India, which will provide power to the administrative office of LG. The entire project will expand the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to allow LG to validate its carbon reduction certification before the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

“Our pragmatism is more beautiful for everyone, which can be implemented more effectively by LG’s transition to new energy efficiency and achieving carbon neutrality,” said Pak Pyong Gu, senior vice president of Electronics Safety at LG. – A bitter light of innovation will not be deprived of it in the laboratory, the stench may also be seen in our factories and factories. Every now and then, every day in life, there is the possibility of giving the upcoming generation of light, which is a good idea, and in LG we are even more seriously put to the point of view. “

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