The LEGO Group has expanded its line of interactive LEGO Super Mario bricks with a new LEGO hero Luigi and new sets in the series. Like Super Mario, the Luigi figure received a color display for displaying character animations and additional information and a Bluetooth module for connecting to smartphones or tablets.

In addition, both action figures are equipped with an optical scanner that can recognize colors and read barcodes. Therefore, during the game, “Mario” and “Luigi” can determine the beginning and end of the route, opponents, and the colors of different blocks, for example, red as lava, green as grass blue as water. This brings Super Mario gameplay to the real world by creating varied levels with LEGO bricks.

The release of the LEGO Luigi set for the LEGO Super Mario series allows players to compete against each other and play together. For example, additional coins will be awarded for the synchronous execution of some actions.

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“With today’s release, not only are we bringing LEGO Mario and LEGO Luigi, their friends and foes to life with new interactive features for endless fun, we’re also excited to expand the LEGO Super Mario universe with even more new sets and characters that we hope will keep fans interested. “- said Simon Kent, Creative Director of LEGO Super Mario.

In addition to the basic LEGO Luigi set, which includes a Luigi figure, hero opponents, and an entire level to complete, the LEGO Group also announced four Expansion Sets, two Power-Up Packs, and ten additional Character Packs.

LEGO Super Mario now features LEGO hero Luigi and new sets

The largest expansion pack in the series will be the Bowser’s Airship Expansion Set, with which players will be able to create and battle the famous “Bowser flying ship.”

LEGO Super Mario now features LEGO hero Luigi and new sets

Other expansion kits in the series include the Lakitu Sky World Expansion Set, the Boss Sumo Bro Topple Tower Expansion Set, and the Reznor Knockdown Expansion Set.

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The Frog Mario Power-Up Pack and the Bee Mario Power-Up Pack are two sets of costumes for Mario that allow you to customize your character.

In Europe, their pre-order starts today, and the start of sales is scheduled for August 1. Starter kit Lego Luigi will cost 60 euros, and Bowser’s Airship Expansion Set at 100 euros.

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