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Leak of three “Heart” wearables

The Samsung Galaxy Club has a new report with evidence of a new trio of smartwatches, codenamed “Heart”. It hasn’t been confirmed if “Heart” is the actual codename for the unreleased Galaxy Watch 5. But the recently released codenames Heart-S, Heart-L, and Heart-Pro have appeared in the lineup with a previous message that there will be a Pro version.

According to the report, Samsung may change its strategy with the Galaxy Watch. The Galaxy Watch 4 came in regular and “classic” flavors, but it’s time for the Galaxy Watch Active 2 successor to arrive. It’s possible that the Active line of wearables could be replaced by a more unified smartwatch offering.

Heart-S is the smallest version at 40mm or 42mm with model number SM-R90X. The Heart-L, meanwhile, is a larger 44mm or 46mm version with model number SM-R19X. Finally, Heart-Pro is the codename that backs up last month’s report and only comes in one size.

The report does not confirm that these are indeed Galaxy Watch 5 models, and it is not yet known what the final naming scheme for Samsung’s new smartwatches will be.

A report from last month revealed that the top-tier Galaxy Watch 5 model will ship with a 572mAh battery, which is a significant step up from the Watch 4 models. In any case, Samsung is not expected to announce a new Galaxy Watch until the end of this year. .

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