A San Francisco-based Tesla owner has filed a class-action lawsuit against the electric vehicle company over a phantom braking issue that he says has turned “a safety feature into a frightening and dangerous nightmare.” Jose Alvarez Toledo claims that hundreds of thousands of Tesla customers are ready to join his lawsuit.


The lawsuit accuses Tesla of covering up security risks associated with the Autopilot driver assistance system, breach of warranties, unfair profit making, and violation of California’s unfair competition law. The plaintiff seeks to impose a fine on the company.

“Many Tesla owners report sudden, sudden slowdowns and stops due to false braking of their vehicles, even when there were no objects nearby,” the lawsuit says. “When a sudden, unintentional braking failure occurs, the safety function becomes a frightening and dangerous nightmare.”

Previously, Tesla was forced to roll back version 10.3 of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) software, an advanced driver assistance system, due to problems with collision warnings and sudden braking.

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After the rollback, the number of complaints increased even more. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received at least 107 from November through January, up from 34 in the previous 22 months. An investigation into the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y incidents was launched after receiving 354 complaints. And in May, the agency sent Tesla a letter requesting information, in which it updated the number of complaints to 758. At the same time, there were no reports of accidents, injuries or deaths as a result of this problem.

Tesla wants to remove from access the video in which its electric car with a beta version of the full FSD autopilot shoots down mannequins in the form of children


Source: The Verge

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