Large, versatile, ergonomic: an overview of the Philips 328P6AUBREB 31.5-inch monitor

Philips 328P6AUBREB is a versatile monitor with a wide range of functions and thoughtful ergonomics. It features a USB 3.1 Type-C docking station with power delivery function. You can connect a keyboard, mouse and laptop to the display – while the latter will be recharged without being connected to the network. Let’s start unpacking and reviewing.

Contents of delivery

In addition to the standard set of HDMI, DisplayPort, D-Sub, Network and AUX cables, we found two USB-C cables in the box. With one, the laptop connects to the monitor via the USB-C connector. If this port is not provided in the laptop, a second cable will come in handy, which is used to connect the laptop via a regular USB connector.

Design and construction features

Philips 328P6AUBREB cannot be called ultra-thin – in the narrowest part the case thickness is 2.5 cm, in the widest – 6.5 cm. The aspect ratio with a diagonal of 31.5 inches is 16: 9, it looks wide and high. The size of the box is to match the monitor: when you go shopping, you should take an assistant with you.

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The stand is attached to the display with four screws – a mechanical fixture would not be enough for such a massive panel. The base diameter is 30 cm – this is enough for the monitor to stand securely on the desktop, not to slip or wobble. With the help of the stand, you can change the position of the display as you like: tilt forward / backward, rotate right / left, adjust its height within 18 cm (usually the range is limited to 13 cm). A hole is provided in the leg through which it is convenient to neatly route cables.

With the connectors, everything is in order: there is HDMI, DisplayPort, D-Sub, USB-C, two USB 3.0 and an RJ-45 network port. Audio inputs are provided for connecting headphones and speakers. Thanks to the USB-C port, the monitor turns into a full-fledged docking station: a connected laptop interacts with peripherals, recharges, transmits a video signal and connects to a wired network.


Screen diagonal31.5 inches, IPS
Resolution2560 x 1440 pixels @ 60 Hz maximum frequency
Response time4ms (GtG)
Brightness450 cd / sq.m
Contrast1200: 1
Viewing angles178 ° horizontal, 178 ° vertical
Video inputsD-sub, DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0, USB-C 3.1 Gen 1
Additional connectorsUSB 3.1 Gen 1 (two), RJ-45 (Ethernet LAN)
Loudspeakers3 x 2 W
Possibilities of transformation of the standTilt to / from you – -5 ° / 20 °, tilt left / right at an angle of 170 °, height adjustment in the range of 18 cm, pivot
Energy consumption32.4W (operating), 65W maximum
Dimensions742 x 657 x 270 mm

Setting options and built-in speakers

The control system is modern and convenient: there are five touch-sensitive keys for navigating the menu and changing settings. The only caveat is that if you have used mechanical controls before, it will take a little time to get used to the buttons that respond exclusively to touch.

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The menu is no different from the menu of similar Philips monitors. It is a table with two columns. The parameters are listed on the left, and the values ​​that can be changed on the right. In the menu, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, gamma, sharpness, color temperature, as well as activate LowBlue technology, which reduces the proportion of blue radiation in the backlight, which is harmful to the eyes. Here you can also launch the USB fast charging function.

The display is equipped with built-in speakers, which produce a sound that is quite decent for monitor acoustics. The volume margin is not bad, the top and middle are well worked out – it is convenient to listen to background music while working.


Let’s look at the color gamut first. Here it is really impressive: it completely matches the sRGB palette and 98% – with the AdobeRGB space. We could not find fault with the accuracy of color reproduction: the DeltaE coefficient does not go beyond two units in any of the 48 samples. In some areas, the gamma does not match the 2.2 reference, but this can be eliminated by simple calibration.

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There were no complaints about the maximum brightness: the real value exceeds the declared figure – we recorded as much as 467 cd / m 2 ! The contrast is only slightly below the value specified by the manufacturer.

The viewing angles are wide: you can watch movies in a large company behind the monitor – the image is not distorted at any deviation from direct viewing. The response time is on average 4 ms. For an amateur game, this value is quite acceptable. But for professional gamers, it is better to pay attention to a different model.


Philips 328P6AUBREB impressed us pleasantly. The monitor reproduces clear, detailed images, suitable not only for home but also for professional use. High brightness and contrast, wide color gamut allows the display to be used for working with color and graphics.

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