The KDE community today released a beta version of the Plasma 5.26 skin. KDE Plasma 5.26 stable will be released next month, today’s beta can be used to test new and improved functionality.

KDE Plasma 5.26

Plasma 5.26 introduces the Plasma Bigscreen interface, optimized for use on TVs and large format displays. It includes the Aura browser, also optimized for large form factor, and Plank Player for easy multimedia content playback.

KDE Plasma 5.26

The update includes a number of improvements to the Discover Software Center for app ratings, the share button on app pages, and more.

Simplified desktop wallpaper preview in KDE system settings.

Added support for keyboard navigation in more applets and many other system settings improvements.

Wayland support has been improved in KDE Plasma 5.26. Plasma Wayland session can now handle graphics tablet input area display setting, improved per-application compositor/app scaling handling, possibly disabling middle-click paste in Wayland, and other fixes.

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