I want to tell you about a beautiful lamp that impressed me with an interesting design and made me happy with flexible settings. In principle, we need light: the summer is short, the winter is long and dark, so we want to approach thoroughly creating a comfortable workplace in the office or at home. After all, the topic of remote work remains open, and you start looking for things that are useful in everyday life.

In the huge ecosystem of Xiaomi devices, there is a young and beautiful brand Jya. I think that shortly it will gain popularity, although so far not everyone has heard about it. The idea of ​​the new company is to create innovative devices with a focus on beauty and aesthetics. Wireless lamp Jya LED Desk Lamp – just such a device.

How Jya LED Desk Lamp shines?

You can choose the optimal lighting level depending on your environment and personal preference. You can choose between two modes: near with diffused light or far and more focused.

A Dipped beam is convenient to use when reading or typing on the keyboard in the evening and does not want to turn on the ceiling light. In this case, in the first case, three brightness levels are available, and in the second, two.

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The focusing mode is convenient because the light hits the target and does not interfere with others – this is important in remote work conditions. Not everyone has large apartments when you can retire to the kitchen or work in the room, so the lamp solves the important problem of small spaces.

I remember very well how I did my homework in elementary grades in the late evenings, and my sister was already asleep. We lived in one room, the light of a table lamp interfered with her, we had to close the bed with improvised means so that the light would not bother. If we travel back in time and imagine that such a lamp would have been twenty years ago, such a problem would not have arisen.

It is convenient to use a lamp as a beautiful element of the interior with spotlighting. Why not an idea for a compact exhibition? The diffused light of the night lamp will help the child fall asleep, and at the same time, will calm the parents.

Simple and beautiful

A lamp does not at all look like a lamp in its usual sense: in my view, a lamp is something with a large lamp, old-fashioned, like in a library. But Jya LED Desk Lamp, with all its appearance, changes my firmly established stereotype.

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In general, the concept of the Jya brand is a philosophy of beauty. Therefore the aesthetics of the device in 2020 was evaluated by the jury of several awards. The lamp received the Red Dot, iF Awards, Good Design Award. The body can be either silver or black – you can choose a more suitable style for the interior.

A thin elongated cylinder is located on an aluminum base with a magnet. Just in case, there is a small indentation in the stand to keep the lamp firmly in place. If you wish, you can remove the stand altogether, but I would not give it up for reliability.

The design is excellent. The lamp looks elegant, neat, takes up very little space, and can be placed anywhere. In the context of small apartments and compact workplaces, this is important. On the surface, the lampstands steadily. It is quite weighty. The center of gravity is shifted down not to be blown away by a gust of wind if the window is open.

You can change the backlight levels using the touch key located on the “crown” of the lamp. While holding down the key, turn off the backlight if you no longer need it. When you turn it on again, the previously set mode is used. You do not need to reconfigure anything.

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There is a light indicator next to the button, making it easier to find it in the dark. Moreover, it is illuminated when the lamp is connected to a charger and without a power supply.

I also note that the construction is monolithic, the assembly is excellent.

Charging and running time

The lamp is charged via the USB Type-C connector located on the back of the case. A charging cable is included in the kit, and you can find a suitable power supply in your bins. If necessary, you can connect the Power Bank, so everything is thought out.

The operating time depends on the selected mode: from 25 hours with soft diffused light to 4 hours with a bright spot with maximum backlight.


In addition to aesthetics, the lamp is also distinguished by its convenient, practical qualities. Eyes do not get tired. The backlight is adjustable, several modes to choose from works without a wire, and is charged via a convenient USB Type-C. The device costs $120.

Generally, Jya LED Desk Lamp turned out to be an excellent device. I can safely recommend it as a gift or a purchase for a family.

Specifications: Jya LED Desk Lamp

  • Technology: LED;
  • Light: neutral white;
  • Lamp color: black or gray;
  • Voltage: 5V;
  • Power: 6W;
  • Battery: 5200mAh;
  • Height: 360 mm.

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