Over the past few years, the world has become accustomed to TWS earbuds. They are usually quite expensive. But then the world leader JVC enters the arena with its HA-A7T model. Let’s see what compromises we had to make for this.

JVC HA-A7T Appearance

The earbuds come in a biodegradable cardboard box. There is no beauty inside, an eco-friendly cardboard insert, headphones in a case, a short microUSB cable, and a pair of interchangeable ear pads. And of course, a few sheets of documentation.

The headphones are initially in the case. But for them to work, you need to remove the protective stickers from the charging contacts. An interesting solution so that while the gadget is on the shelf in the store, the case does not run out of power. However, I had both the headphones and the case charged, so you can immediately get it out and use it.

The case itself is quite compact and lightweight. It snaps into place with magnets, so it is quite easy to open it with one hand. But getting the headphones is still easier with both hands. The magnetic holder is quite strong, the lid does not dangle and there is no backlash.

The back of the case has a microUSB port for charging. And this is perhaps one of the main disadvantages of these headphones. When almost all accessories have been upgraded to USB-C, it is not very convenient to have headphones with microUSB. We’ll have to carry another cable with us. However, if you have one of the budget smartphones, then it probably also has a microUSB port, and in this case, JVC headphones, on the contrary, will suit you.

The earbuds are cute enough and look premium. They are made in a classic style with ear cushions that are very easy to replace if something happens. They go deep inside the ear and thus cut out external noises. Considering that there is no shumodav here (this is not surprising for such a price), such a design will come in handy.

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The headphones have one physical rubberized button each. A single press pauses or starts music, or answers a call. Double-clicking the button on the left earphone decreases the volume, and the same action on the right earphone increases it. An interesting feature that is often lacking on other TWS headphones is getting your smartphone out of your pocket. Long press on the buttons switches the track forward or backward. Moreover, before switching, you will hear a sound to be sure that you pressed correctly.

The earbuds are IPX4 waterproof. This means that splashes or rain will not harm the headphones in any way. But, of course, you cannot take a shower or dive in them. There is a microphone on each earbud, as it should be with TWS.

Review of JVC HA-A7T headphones: budget and beautiful (226528 ha a7t all un edited)

There are four color options for the JVC HA-A7T headphones to choose from: black (like mine), pink, white, and blue. It seems to me that blue is the most beautiful. But this is a matter of taste.

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JVC HA-A7T Connection

The headphones have a Bluetooth 5.0 module. They can be connected to any iOS or Android smartphone. We open the case, find the headphones in the Bluetooth settings and connect. Everything is standard and pretty simple.

These headphones support all standard digital codecs, so you can listen to music, movies or play games on your smartphone or laptop. In my opinion, this is a great option for the office, where headphones are often needed for making calls lately. It makes no sense to buy an expensive noise canceling gadget for this, wired headphones are the last century and inconvenient, but such budget JVC HA-A7Ts are a great option.

The sound and experience of the JVC HA-A7T

Subjectively, the sound of the JVC HA-A7T is very good. Of course, the main focus here is on the high and mid frequencies. But there is also bass, which surprised me. Yes, they are soft and almost imperceptible, but even rock and metal in them is quite good to listen to.

The headphone volume is also good. You will hear little external noises in the subway, but on the subway street, you cannot hear the environment even at an average volume. Soundproofing is all right here. There are no problems at high volume, there is no chatter or crackling, which is very, very good.

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The headphones sit quite firmly in the ears and do not try to fly out at the slightest gesture. I ran and jumped in these headphones, so I can safely recommend them even for sports. For the whole day of wearing, they did not cause discomfort to me. By the way, charging was enough for more than 5 hours, this is usually enough for a couple of days when used on the road. The case charges the earbuds fully twice, so you can essentially charge them once a week.

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