In the past few years, cordless vacuum cleaners have increasingly conquered the market. Their characteristics (low power, short battery life, long charging time) cannot yet wholly displace traditional design units, but they confidently occupy their niche. This is a technique for quick daily cleaning: to sweep floors, collect dust from furniture, and clean clothes in twenty to thirty minutes, leaving a bulky and heavy wired vacuum cleaner for general cleaning.

The hero of today’s review is Jimmy JV65, a new vacuum cleaner from the Chinese manufacturer KingClean Electric. Among its advantages are high power, long battery life, and rich equipment. We have already come across the products of this brand when considering the Jimmy JV53 model. In the course of today’s review, we will find out how the new vacuum cleaner differs from the one already familiar to us and how much its characteristics correspond to reality.

Jimmy equipment is often presented under the Xiaomi brand, which is not very correct, although it helps sales. KingClean Electric manufactures the device. Xiaomi, at one time, supported the release of the first vacuum cleaner under the Jimmy brand financially – JV51. Still, we did not find any information that the tested vacuum cleaner was related to Xiaomi, neither on the box, nor in the documentation, nor on the manufacturer’s website.

What’t in the box of Jimmy JV65 Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

The vacuum cleaner is delivered in a white box with a laconic design. On the cover, there is only a full-color image of the device in a floor cleaning configuration – with a floor brush and an extension tube – and the model name.

The sides are also not overloaded with information: on one of them, in addition to the inscription “Cordless vacuum cleaner”, there is a sticker with information about the country of manufacture, manufacturer, importer, and the person authorized to accept claims. On the other is a plate with brief technical data (volts, weight, color, and rated power).

But the contents of the box turned out to be much more prosperous. Package Included:

  • motor unit of the vacuum cleaner with battery and dust collector;
  • floor nozzle with an electric brush;
  • additional roller for the sex nozzle;
  • nozzle for upholstered furniture with an electric brush;
  • rigid extension tube;
  • corrugated extension tube;
  • swivel adapter;
  • two slotted brush nozzles, wide and narrow;
  • power adapter;
  • base for wall mounting the device;
  • envelope with user manual and warranty card.

Jimmy vacuum cleaners are traditionally rich and varied.

Our first impression of Jimmy JV65 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The body is made of gray-silver plastic with a metallic effect. Bright scarlet decorative elements also stand out with a characteristic shine: the handle’s inner cover and the end of the case. The elements of the cyclone filter are made of plastic of the same color.

The motor unit with a non-removable battery is a cylinder; in the rear part, there is a handle with control elements, and the front part goes into the body of the garbage container. Air outlets are located at the very end on both sides. There is a tab on the bottom of the unit for fixing it to the wall mount.

The waste bin’s body is made of light gray transparent plastic and is detached by pressing a button at the end of the cylinder.

The airflow enters the container through the side opening in the housing and is twisted clockwise thanks to the specially shaped cyclone filter. Large fractions of debris remain in the lower part of the bin, retaining with the help of a red “skirt,” while small and light fractions settle around a perforated steel grate.

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Then the airflow enters the pre-filter, a disc of black foam rubber, and through it – to the HEPA fine filter.

All elements of this system are removed from the waste container’s body using a folding wire handle on the HEPA filter. To separate the elements, turn the fine filter disc 5-10 degrees clockwise and pull slightly.

The main working body of the Jimmy JV65 vacuum cleaner is an electric nozzle with two replaceable rollers. The first is for hard surfaces – a short, velvety bristle brush. The second is for carpets and rugs: with plastic lamellas slightly curved in rotation and interspersed with synthetic bristle brush elements.

The functional elements of the electric nozzle are fixed with a yellow latch on one of the sides. The lock travel is small, but it works clearly and predictably.

The electric nozzle for upholstered furniture is designed, as follows from the manual, to remove dirt from mattresses and combat dust mites. It has only one removable body: a brush similar in design to that of soft floor coverings. It has the same lamellas and brush elements, slightly twisted in the direction of rotation.

The brush is removed from the nozzle by turning the locking handle on one of the body’s ends.

The extension tube of the Jimmy JV65 is the same bright scarlet color as the decorative elements of the body. Inside it runs a wire to power the electric nozzles.

For use with non-electrified attachments, the device comes with a 50 cm long flexible corrugated tube that stretches to almost 110 cm and an angle joint that can bend 90 degrees.

Large and small slotted brush heads have a similar design, differing only in size. When folded, they act as narrow nozzles, and to convert them to the second shape, press the release button and slide the brush element forward.

Jimmy JV65 also comes with a synthetic bristle brush. Its inner part is covered with a soft material that facilitates sliding on the fabric and ensures a nozzle’s snug fit to the treated surface.

The wall suspension is a gray box with a groove for a protrusion on the device body. It is assumed that during storage, the device’s main weight rests on the floor, and the suspension element only keeps it in an upright position. There are three small strips of double-sided tape on its back for wall mounting – they may not support the full weight of the vacuum cleaner, especially on a surface covered with wallpaper or painted. There is no possibility to fix the suspension on the wall with self-tapping screws.

Jimmy JV65 power adapter connects directly to the device. For this, there is a rosette at the end of the handle, closed with a rubber plug.

The power adapter connector for the vacuum cleaner is non-standard type, flat and unbalanced. In getting to know the device and during test operation, we regularly had difficulties connecting the charging, trying to insert it on the wrong side, especially in dim lighting.

In our opinion, a traditional cylindrical connector would be much more convenient.

Instructions Book of Jimmy JV65 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Jimmy JV65 User Manual is available in six languages ​​- English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, and Russian. This is an A5 brochure with a glossy cover and single color printing. The quality of the printing is good.

The 107-page brochure contains many illustrations to show you how to use the vacuum cleaner and attachments, how they can be combined with extension tubes, and how to care for your device.

The Russian-language part of the guide takes seven sheets. The quality of the Russian text’s translation is much higher than that of the instructions for Jimmy JV53. Still, a slight “Chinese accent” nevertheless remained. In some places, there are phrases like “contains batteries in an outdated garbage truck,” “battery has no electricity”, “protective panel lithium battery, “and the like. However, they do not interfere with the understanding of the instruction text.

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Two buttons control Jimmy JV65 on the handle. The first turns on and off the vacuum cleaner.

The device’s three power modes – minimum, medium, and maximum – are sequentially switched by the second button.


Before using all the components of the vacuum cleaner, unpack and fully charge the battery. The vacuum cleaner arrived to us for testing approximately half “hungry”, and it took just over two hours to saturate it with energy thoroughly.

Next to the control buttons, the power indicator glows green when the device is operating, switching to red when the battery is running low. The LED glows red during charging, and a full battery indicates readiness for work with a green light.

Jimmy JV65 is lightweight, fits nicely in hand, and is well balanced – both when cleaning the floor and when working with the device in manual mode, its weight is almost not felt.

We liked the floor nozzle for its convenient design of the hinge, which allows it to be easily rotated 90 ° to the right and left and lay it out almost parallel to the extension tube for cleaning under furniture cupboards. The mobility of the mattress and upholstered furniture brushes is slightly less.

The spiral-shaped three-color pattern on the rollers of the motorized attachments makes it easy to control their rotation.

Unfortunately, the floor brush does not have a vertical parking position: during a pause in cleaning, the vacuum cleaner must be supported on walls or furniture.

The air vents on the case are located high; their place has been chosen well: the airflow does not raise dust from the floor, similar to similar models. There is no need to chase after small debris blown into already cleaned areas.

Both attachments’ electric motors seem to be quite powerful and create noticeable resistance when the body moves towards itself. It is mostly felt when cleaning long-pile coatings. When moving backward, the device noticeably “runs” forward, but it instead helps in cleaning.

In the furniture cleaning configuration, the vacuum cleaner is as convenient and efficient as the “floor” configuration.

To care for clothes and when processing hard-to-reach places, using a corrugated tube turned out to be very comfortable, but you have to hold the vacuum cleaner with both hands.

The nozzle angle hinge adds cleaning benefits, allowing the entire structure to bend up to 90 ° and slide the nozzle, for example, between a tall cabinet and a ceiling.

The filling of the waste container is entirely controlled through the transparent body. The maximum level mark seems unnecessary: ​​a significant part of the large particles does not fall below the “skirt” of the cyclone, lingering in the upper part of the waste container.

The relatively coarse perforation of the mesh filter allows a noticeable amount of acceptable debris to settle on the medium foam.

The intermediate filter’s efficiency is not very high: fine dust passes through it almost unhindered, settling on the inner surface of the HEPA element. Simultaneously, the fine filter works entirely – its outer part remains intact even after several intensive cleaning.


It is recommended to clean the Jimmy JV65 dust collector after each use.

The cyclone filter elements, including its housing and the foam pre-filter, can be washed and dried thoroughly before the next start-up. The manufacturer allows water procedures for the HEPA element; however, in our experience, this impairs its effectiveness and shortens its useful life. The user manual reminds, however, that the HEPA filter is replaceable. It can be purchased from your nearest dealer if the cleaning area’s dust content is too high.

The rollers of electric brushes must be regularly cleaned of hair and threads that may wind upon them during the cleaning process.

If dirty, the housing can be wiped with a damp cloth. No part of the vacuum cleaner should be washed in the dishwasher.

Our measurements: Jimmy JV65 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The measurements of the mass of the main components of the vacuum cleaner are given in the table:

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Component nameWeight, g
Main unit with battery and dust collector1400
Extension tube225
Electric brush, large725
Electric brush, small300
Crevice nozzle large55
Crevice nozzle small45
Brush attachment85
Corrugated tube225
Assembly weight, maximum2350
Weight complete, minimum1445

The noise of the vacuum cleaner depends on the operating mode used and the installed attachments. We also entered this data into the table:

Working hoursNoise, dB
Maximum power, large electric brush90
Minimum power, large electric brush80
Maximum power, crevice tool89
Minimum power, crevice tool79

Jimmy JV65 is a very noisy vacuum cleaner.

The suction power determines when the vacuum cleaner operated without a pipe and nozzles in all three modes. The dependence of the suction power on the created vacuum is shown in the graph below:

Our measurements’ maximum suction power was 13 AW at minimum power, 40 A in medium power, and 91 A at maximum power. At maximum power, Jimmy JV65 showed excellent results; it achieved good performance, even on average.

In measuring the power in the maximum operating mode, the motor overheating protection was triggered. The test bench valve, three-quarters closed, caused the device to stop, as shown in the graph.

The vacuum cleaner is not designed for long-term operation at high power with a closed nozzle or a clogged dust container.

It takes quite a long time to charge the battery: just under five hours fully.

Practical tests of Jimmy JV65 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

To evaluate the efficiency and battery life of the Jimmy JV65, we tested it in real-life conditions, cleaning the apartment several times.

Maximum power

To a fully charged device, we connected a large electric brush through an extension tube and turned on the vacuum cleaner at maximum power (Mode III). The battery charge lasted for 12 minutes, 26 seconds. This is four and a half minutes more than the manufacturer promises.

However, for constant operation in this mode, the JV65 is not very suitable: the heating of the housing in the engine area by the time of completion of the work was very noticeable, and operation at maximum power with an overflowing dust collector, as the experience of further process, showed, rather quickly (after only one and a half minutes) leads to overheating protection trip. After that, the device turns off, and it can only be turned on again after a few minutes.

Minimum power, continuous cleaning of the apartment

But with prolonged continuous cleaning at first speed, this model proved to be very good. We used the device turned on at minimum power to clean clothes, upholstered furniture, curtains, and hard-to-reach places in the apartment, without using motorized nozzles.

Time of continuous work Jimmy JV65 in this mode was 1 hour 8 minutes. This almost precisely matches the technical specifications’ data and is a very good, if not a record, result for a cordless vacuum cleaner.

Combined mode, car interior cleaning

Another traditional test for this type of instrument is cleaning the car interior. We tested the JV65 on the interior cleaning of a large station wagon with a large trunk, pretty littered after several trips to the countryside. A small motorized brush at minimum power is ideal for cleaning rugs and upholstery underneath. The large garment attachment combined with the medium operating mode is successfully used for upholstery and headlining.

Both slot nozzles and corrugated extension tubes help to pick up debris from the tightest areas efficiently. To do this, it is best to use a medium power mode with maximum short-term power.

We cleaned the car interior in about twenty minutes; the battery charge was enough for this – the vacuum cleaner was ready to continue working, but the scope of work for it was over.

Conclusions: Should you buy Jimmy JV65 Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

The Jimmy JV65 upright cordless vacuum cleaner has proved to be a convenient and versatile device for practical use. Instrumental tests have confirmed that in average and maximum operating modes, it demonstrates good power, and at minimum power, the battery capacity lasts for a very long time.

A wide selection of attachments that come with the device, in our opinion, allows you to solve all possible tasks during daily cleaning in an apartment, in the country, or a car. Jimmy JV65 is an excellent everyday vacuum cleaner.

high power in medium and maximum mode
good economy in minimum mode
excellent equipment
convenient design of motor attachments
noticeable heating during continuous operation at maximum power
high noise level
impossibility of vertical parking without wall mounting
unreliable wall mount design

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