Recently I talked about JBL Go 3 – a great piece for a variety of tasks. Here is the article:

JBL GO 3 Review

Today is the time to talk about one of the largest Bluetooth systems on the market – a perfect time for such a device. After all, both Charge and Boombox are ideal summer companions for large companies and singles. Let’s tear the packaging to pieces as soon as possible, turn it on, and listen.

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Design And Appearance

The column is available in two colors: black and camouflage. Both are practical. Almost any man will choose camouflage and will be right – dust will be noticeable much better on black fabric trim.

The case is not afraid of splashes and water in general, protection according to the IPX7 standard, it is not necessary to throw into the sea, it is quite possible to use it by the pool or pond. Do not forget to close the back cover. The connectors are not protected here. The instructions also say about immersion in water for thirty minutes – I do not advise doing this, the technician does not like water!

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Multiple JBL speakers can be connected using PartyBoost technology – keep in mind that old speakers cannot be connected to Boombox 2. At the moment, PartyBoost works on several devices: JBL Pulse 4, JBL Charge 5, JBL Flip 5, JBL Xtreme 3 (if you forgot something, correct me).

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I tried to connect the speaker to Charge 5, the procedure is somewhat confusing, but in the end, everything started. Two speakers perfectly cover a large room. There is a lot of sounds. I liked them very much. If you intend to use PartyBoost, check in advance if the JBL speaker supports this feature.

For charging, you need to use the complete power supply unit. There is a USB for connecting any cables. The column can be used as an external battery. The operating time is about 24 hours. During the month of use, I charged the device a couple of times. It works sooooooo long. Naturally, this is due to the main scenarios of use: pulled out into the street, turned on, and forgot, great.

An ingenious carrying handle – nothing to add. In general, the design of Boombox 2 can be called a reference for such devices—cool finish, convenient to carry, convenient to charge, convenient to turn on and use. The only moment girls and children will not like: “Boombox” is really heavy.

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The audio system only supports one codec, which is SBC. Neither AAC nor aptX is available. Is it good or bad? Of course, I would like AAC, but the lack of advanced codecs is not so critical. The installed components are more important, and Boombox is fine with that. Two huge passive radiators on the sides, two tweeters, two front-firing mid-low-frequency drivers – all create a great atmosphere even in a large room.

But most importantly, great sound in open areas. Out of town, my dad used Sony tape recorders with radios all the time. I put it next to the garden, summer kitchen, or in the garage – and do business with music. Recently I came and tried to replace the tape recorder with the Boombox 2. It worked out very well. Familiar tracks are not lost. Even at an average volume level, it is heard far and cool. Whether it’s picnic trips, boat trips, or campfire gatherings, the Boombox 2 is perfect for summertime tasks.

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Would I use it as my primary system at home? In my case, no, since the Boombox does not have the ability to work with AirPlay 2, but I have a multi-room, and for outings, I have a second-generation B&O A1. Another question is, if there were no acoustics at all, then Boombox 2 would definitely take root in the trunk. By the way, dad very quickly figured out with Bluetooth, and now the Sony tape recorder went to the closet.


On amazon, JBL Boombox 2 costs about $499. Most importantly, for the outdoors and in the summer, this is the perfect thing. Boombox is not afraid of water. It sounds great, it works for a very long time, and it is convenient to drag it from the trunk to the basketball court.

I hope that JBL Boombox 3 will add AAC and aptX, USB Type-C inputs, and not touch the acoustic component. Everything is perfect here. Big summer speaker, stay that way forever.

PS A huge number of fakes are on sale, be careful and buy only in trusted places! For example, there are such freaks – they cost cheaper, but you won’t get pleasure for sure. Here is a photo of one such fake.

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