Apple has announced that it will hold a presentation of the new iPhone 14 series at the Apple Park campus. The broadcast can be viewed on the official website of the company and on YouTube.

Since this is a September event, the focus will be on new iPhone models. New for this year is the iPhone 14 Plus/Max, which is the same size as the iPhone 14 Pro Max but shares the features of the base iPhone 14. This model will replace the iPhone mini in the lineup. This event will take place at Apple Park.

The presentation of the iPhone 14 will be held in Apple Park (gsmarena 001 19)

iPhone 14 will receive an updated design of the front panel. Instead of bangs, we expect to see a pill-shaped neckline. Also new to the iPhone this year is an always-on display feature, but it’s likely to be available only on Pro models. Also, according to rumors, the A16 processor will become exclusive to the Pro models, while the base model will receive the A14. also in Pro models, the camera resolution will be increased to 48 megapixels.

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In addition to the new iPhone 14, Apple will show a new line of smartwatches at the September event. We may also see new iPad Pros, but they will most likely be introduced in October, along with updated Macs.

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