Introduction to the new Samsung Galaxy A32 – 30 Day Impression

Using the example of the Samsung Galaxy A32 smartphone, I propose to meet a new representative of the middle class. It replaces the Galaxy A31, which went on sale last spring.

I must say right away that this is not a full-fledged review, but rather the collected impressions after several days of using the device. I got a smartphone with a non-final firmware. It is not entirely correct to evaluate it in this mode.

Also, note that Samsung has a Galaxy A32 5G model, which looks similar in appearance, but differs significantly in characteristics.

Samsung unveils Galaxy A32 5G, the company’s most affordable 5G smartphone

Galaxy A32 Comes With An Updated design

The appearance of the phone has changed markedly compared to last year’s models. I liked how Samsung beat the camera area of ​​the Galaxy A32: instead of a single platform, there are now several protruding points on the body.

The front panel’s design is familiar: rather thin frames, a small cutout in the center of the display for the front camera. In my opinion, a hole in the spirit of Galaxy A would have looked more interesting, but, apparently, it is too expensive and unprofitable for such a phone.

The smartphone received a plastic body: the gloss gets dirty easily, and the area around the protruding lenses collects dust, as is usually the case. The dimensions compared to the Galaxy A31 have hardly changed: the body has become two-tenths of a millimeter thinner and one gram lighter, but this is noticeable only when comparing the characteristics in detail.

There will be three colors to choose from: black, purple and blue. Moreover, the shades’ official names sound funny: Awesome Black, Awesome Violet, and so on. Awesome can be translated as “awesome” or “awesome” depending on the context, but most likely, Samsung had a positive attitude when they came up with the name for the shade.

Galaxy A32 Has A Juicy and Bright screen

In terms of screen characteristics, everything is excellent. For the phone, they chose Super AMOLED with a 6.4-inch diagonal and Full-HD resolution. The display is bright, juicy, colorful, and if you don’t like the default profile, you can change it to calmer tones.

There is no indicator light in the phone, but notifications can be seen on the standby screen Always using On mode.

An important difference from the Galaxy A31 is support for 90 Hz: now the interface works smoother, and if you want to save a little battery power, the function can be turned off in the settings. Also, the stock in brightness has increased from 600 to 800 nits. It is handy on fine sunny days.

Of the subtle differences, we can also mention the transition to a more durable protective glass Gorilla Glass 5 instead of the Asahi Dragontrail Pro, which was used in the Galaxy A31.

Galaxy A32 Comes With A Sub-screen Scanner

As usual, face unlocking via the front camera and a fingerprint scanner helps protect data. I like the option with a camera because of its speed. It will work very quickly but not as reliable as a fingerprint scanner.

The fingerprint sensor is built into the screen. It works quite quickly, though not lightning fast. You need to put your finger on it for a second or two, unlocking is not instantaneous, but there are usually no errors in its work. It is better to wipe your hands dry before picking up the phone. Otherwise, a wet finger will not be recognized.

Some tests

According to the tests, the phone is very stable under load, and the cycle of several throttling tests passed without much stress. Simultaneously, the menu itself does not work very quickly – I think the whole problem is in the non-final software, and there should be no questions after the release of the final OS. At least the Galaxy A31 was fine with that.

In terms of filling, there are also changes: now the MediaTek Helio P80 processor is used, the memory capacity is 64 or 128 GB, depending on the version, the operation will be 4 GB. In my opinion, 6 GB could have been added – after all, the phone is from the 2021 model year. If desired, you can use a memory card up to 1 TB. The predecessor’s volume was limited to 512 GB.

Camera family

The modules’ characteristics remained the same: 8-megapixel ultra-wide angle, 5-megapixel frame depth, 5-megapixel macro camera, but the main resolution increased from 48 megapixels to 64 megapixels. A front camera, as before, at 20 megapixels.

An example of a photo taken with the main camera under artificial lighting:

The same conditions, but for an ultra-wide-angle camera:

Dim museum lighting:

Bright sunny day and ultra-wide-angle optics:

The same conditions, but with the main lens:

In my opinion, the cameras are the same as in the Galaxy A31, that is, normal by the middle class’s standards.

Testing autonomy

One charge is always enough for a day and a half when the total is about 5.5 hours of the active screen. Taking into account my mode of using the phone, I was pleased with its autonomy.

The set includes a 15 W charger. The cable is connected via a USB Type-C connector.

Useful features

It’s nice that the universal card tray has been preserved, so you can immediately use a memory card paired with two nano sims.

The usual 3.5 mm headphone jack at the bottom has been preserved. Perhaps not everyone needs it. After all, the era of wireless headphones is in the yard, but suddenly someone will come in handy. The mono speaker on the bottom end plays loudly, the alarm melody or the incoming call is heard very well.

To pay for purchases from the phone, an NFC chip is useful. It is also in place.

Conclusion: Should you buy Samsung Galaxy A32?

I liked the phone because Samsung was able to freshen up the design by relying on minimalism in the back of the case.

Simultaneously, the new Galaxy A32 has good autonomy. An under-screen fingerprint scanner, a colorful screen, and support for 90 Hz will be a nice bonus. In place are NFC, separate card slots, and the updated shell, like the older members of the Galaxy family, which deserves a special mention.

I will write down the advantages of a smartphone with good cameras, convenient dimensions, decent performance, but I would like to get more RAM in 2021.

Samsung Galaxy A32: Specifications

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