Intel is doing better in the mobile segment than in the desktop segment when it comes to products. There were quite good Ice Lakes, and last year there were also excellent Tiger Lakes.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Announces New Products

True, if the Tiger Lake-U processors compete quite well with the Ryzen 4000U and Ryzen 5000U, then the Ryzen 5000H remain without any intelligible competition. Comet Lake-H is based on the old architecture and process technology and cannot oppose anything to AMD’s new products in the high-performance segment. Intel introduced Tiger Lake-H35 earlier this year, but these are the same Tiger Lake-U, only with higher power limits.

But already in the second quarter, Tiger Lake-H45 should be released – 10-nanometer high-performance mobile CPUs with 6 and 8 cores. And now we know all their parameters.

Intel has announced the first discrete desktop graphics card- The DG1.

As you can see, five models await us, although there may be others. There are six or eight cores, all TDPs are 45 W, but the top-end Core i9-11980HK can be configured with an increase in the power limit to 65 W- younger manufacturers will be able to lower it to 35 W. Simultaneously, the frequencies are very high, and the Willow Cove architecture has already shown in the base that it is perfect.

Such processors will not have powerful iGPUs, since they are often not required in this segment. Formally, this is a minus compared to the Ryzen 5000H, but in the same gaming laptops, built-in GPUs are not interesting to anyone.

It will be exciting to see if Intel can successfully compete with Ryzen on all fronts, from performance to price. It won’t be long to wait.

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