Intel has unveiled its latest weapon against AMD in its data centre wars with its new Ice Lake chips.

The new 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable chips are the first 10nm processors for the data centre. They are set to play a pivotal role in the company’s quest for excellence in the increasingly intelligent and digital world around us.

Intel says the new chips will also play a key role in expanding the use of 5G in areas such as edge computing, offering huge performance and efficiency gains when dealing with networked workloads.

The launch represents another volley between Intel and AMD, and it was the first time Intel’s new CEO Pat Gelsinger has chaired since taking over.

“It’s a new day at Intel,” Gelsinger said at the launch. “We’re not just a processor manufacturer anymore. Only Intel can combine software, chips and platforms, packaging and processes with large-scale manufacturing for our customers to create their next-generation innovations. This is our unique advantage as an Integrated Device Manufacturer or IDM. ”

The new chips are designed to address a range of data-intensive workloads in the business space as Intel strives to demonstrate its hardware’s flexibility to all of these new customers.

The company says Ice Lake is the only data centre processor with built-in AI acceleration, extensive software optimizations, and out-of-the-box solutions, which means it can bring AI into applications from the edge to the cloud.

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Intel claims it can deliver 74% faster AI performance over the previous generation and deliver up to 1.5x faster performance across a broad mix of 20 popular AI workloads over AMD EPYC 7763.

Ice Lake also has built-in Intel Crypto Acceleration, offering “breakthrough performance” for a range of cryptographic algorithms. The company says this should help businesses like online retailers handle millions of customer transactions per day and encrypted-intensive workloads, keeping customer data safe while ensuring high performance and uptime.

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