This week Facebook announced the launch of a new feature for managing sensitive content on Instagram. The new control allows users to determine how much sensitive content is displayed in view mode. Facebook says it believes people should be able to shape Instagram the way they want.

The new feature follows other tools, such as those that provide the ability to disable comments or limit user interaction on Instagram. The community guidelines set out the types of content posted to Instagram to keep people safe by the social network. Instagram also has rules about the types of content that can be shown in Explore, called recommendations. Sensitive content can be viewed as messages that do not break the rules but could potentially upset some people.

The two types of content that Instagram specifically names include posts that can be sexual or violent. Controlling Confidential Content gives users the ability to control all types of sensitive content. Users can choose to leave things as they are or customize the sensitive content control to see more or less certain types of content.

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Instagram recognizes that different people have different preferences for what they see in Explore, and the new control gives people more choices about what they see. You can view your confidential content management settings in your user profile by tapping the Settings menu in the upper right corner, tapping Account, and then tapping Manage Confidential Content.

Users can change the setting at any time. However, the “Allow” option for viewing more sensitive content is not available to those under 18. Instagram hopes the new option will provide users with more choices and additional ways to improve their social network.

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