Among my acquaintances, I am one of the few who use smartphone cases. Someone says that there are no normal cases. Someone doesn’t want to spoil the look of the smartphone. I think that there are many beautiful cases and I would rather carry my iPhone in a case than change its screen once a month. By the way, I have an iPad and even a MacBook in my case. I feel sorry for the technique, and I’d rather have everything in protective equipment than walking around with scratched or broken gadgets. After all, removing and replacing the cover is much cheaper and faster than getting the device repaired. By the way, I also use glass on the iPhone, and judging by the scratches on it. It’s not in vain. It would be necessary to change it.

iPhone case

I usually approach the choice of covers for a smartphone responsibly. We hold a smartphone in our hands every day, and we need it to be convenient. For the iPhone 4S, I had, for example, a metal bumper that cut my hand or a very massive case with large rubber blocks. Yes, it perfectly protected the smartphone from any falls, but it was almost impossible to use it. There are different curly covers, bumpers, and more. I realized that the classic is best for me – a silicone or leather case in the device’s shape.

Firstly, they hardly change the device’s geometry, and it is still comfortable to hold it in hand. Secondly, the appearance remains (if the case is transparent) or may even get better. For example, if you really wanted a green iPhone, but managed to buy only a black one, then the green leather case will completely change the smartphone outside. And thirdly, they are more durable. Even though all modern iPhones are protected, and the screen is much more difficult to scratch or break than in older models, the cover’s main function is still protection. This means that it will fall, rub against the surface, scratch, and so on. That is, it must withstand loads, and this is the most important thing.

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I tested several cases with the new iPhone 11 Pro. A couple from AliExpress and a couple of original Apple. I’ll start with the Chinese versions because the eye falls on the first when you start looking for a cover. And they look pretty good, and are very attractive.

I ordered myself one thin plastic black case and one thicker – silicone and transparent. Firstly, I had to wait almost a month for delivery, but this is understandable, our Mail works far from perfect. But when I received the package, I was shocked. Only the transparent case was for the iPhone 11 Pro, and for some reason, the plastic thin case was for the iPhone 11. Thanks for not being from the iPhone X, but it still doesn’t fit in size. I wrote to the seller, he apologized, and a month and a half later came a black one, but the sediment, as they say, remained.

Silicone Case

The silicone transparent case cost me about $39. The case is quite flexible and as simple as possible. On my first phone (not a smartphone!) It was made of very similar material. In principle, it is suitable as a temporary protection, but it has several problems.

How to choose an iPhone case and Apple Watch strap

Firstly, such cases are very quickly covered with micro-scratches and lose all their transparency. Secondly, under the influence of ultraviolet radiation (in the sun), they turn yellow. As a result, after a couple of months, the phone looks terrible. If you really want to save money, you can take one, but you will have to change it once every 1-2 months.

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Plastic case

When the plastic cover finally arrived, I was happy at first, and then very sad. Yes, it’s beautiful, only 0.3mm thick. But I realized that he would not help me at all. Firstly, for some reason, the phone began to slide in his hands. Secondly, upon impact, it will not protect the back panel of the smartphone.

How to choose an iPhone case and Apple Watch strap

And the screen is not protected in any way (at least the silicone had a small bumper in front). Therefore, all these thin cases are only suitable if you have already broken your phone and want to hide it. They are useless for protection. What else sets cheap cases apart is how the buttons are made. For branded covers, they are duplicated, and for cheap ones, they make cutouts. As a result, dust gets into the buttons, and over time, they become clogged and do not work well. My iPhone 4S has a broken power button.

Apple Clear Case

How to choose an iPhone case and Apple Watch strap

Unlike Ali’s clear case, this Clear Case is tough and very tough. I didn’t even manage to insert a smartphone into it the first time. He is tight and, it seems to me, a little fat. But it has a couple of advantages. This case does not hide the beautiful green color of the iPhone 11 Pro. And most importantly, it does not fade in the sun but remains transparent. And secondly, it perfectly protects the smartphone from falls. The iPhone fell out of my hands several times, and all the damage (unavoidable, alas) remained only on the case.

Apple Silicone Case

With this case, the magic of Apple already begins, which lies in the nuances. It would seem that this is a soft silicone case. But it has a velvet layer inside so as not to scratch the back glass of the iPhone. Its surface is charming to the touch, and it does not slip at all in your hands.

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Silicone case left

Silicone case left

Concise logo on the back. Importantly, this case is thick, about the same as the plastic one. But he also protects the smartphone. Of course, the only thing is that it can get scratched if you drop it on the asphalt. Otherwise, this is a great option for everyone who does not want a leather one.

Another option is to buy a silicone Smart Battery Case. There, however, the color gamma is smaller, but the built-in battery. Well, the price, of course, is much higher.

Apple Leather Case

I consider this case to be the best, and I use it now, only sometimes changing to a silicone one. Well, first of all, it looks great. Its green color only complements the rear panel’s green color, which is visible around the cameras. It’s nice to hold

And then there are Folio leather cases. They have a special protective cover for the screen and a compartment for business cards. But it seems to me that this is not very convenient. Although, as far as I know, there are amateurs.

How to choose an iPhone case and Apple Watch strap

Of course, Apple covers are not the least expensive. Almost all of them cost about $49, except the cover with the battery, it is more expensive. But when a smartphone costs more than $10. It seems that paying $59 for a cover that will perfectly match the iPhone in style and even protect it is not the biggest waste.

Apple Watch Straps

I can talk about watch straps for a very long time. Because Apple made them compatible with older models, there are now too many options for the Watch Series 5 only in the official Apple store. And if you add to this all the variety of Chinese stores, you can change the straps every day for the rest of your life and never repeat it. But there are, of course, nuances.

Apple Watch Straps
Apple Watch Straps

For the sports strap that comes with the Watch, I bought another standard one, I also have an original blue fabric, and my wife recently gave me a red silicone one from one of Apple’s partners. Also, for the sake of testing, I bought a Milanese loop and a pair of third-party fabric straps to compare.

Apple and partner bands come in boxes. They are delightful to the touch and fit perfectly with the Watch mount, which makes sense. I really like the way the fabric strap looks and that it is very flat so that it does not get in the way of the hand.

How to choose an iPhone case and Apple Watch strap

Although I’ve been using the red strap a lot lately, it looks stylish with it, and I love how it stands out against my wrist and casual wear. I want to allow myself to rebel in some way, so let it be a watch.

I did not notice the difference between Apple straps and a strap from a partner at all. Identical, in my opinion, silicone straps, there is nothing to complain about.

But with straps from third-party manufacturers, my impression is ambiguous. On the one hand, they look good, although they are delivered in a bag and are several times cheaper. But this is only at first glance. For some reason, all the belts have fastening problems. I have never managed to snap them immediately. It always takes several attempts. The fabric belts are too thick, and all the buzz from them disappears. Over time, my strap got a little disheveled, and thread loops began to crawl out of it. I suspect you shouldn’t wash it at all. Black even had a slight irritation on my hand. I suspect that synthetic material is used there, which is not very good for the skin, and in the summer, it will also sweat your hand.

Apple Watch Straps

The Milanese loop strap was beautiful at first, and I really liked it, but it began to peel off over time, and the edges of the strap cling to any fabric. Therefore, on the one hand, you can buy a lot of such straps, but the joy of buying may be short-lived. It is now not clear that I have a lot of straps, and on the other, I wear only two. So, probably, I would advise you to experiment, but choose the main ones for yourself. Nevertheless, although it is easy to change them, the mechanism is also not eternal, and over time you want to use the watch and not select straps for it.

Bonus: AirPods case

The AirPods (or AirPods Pro) are probably the only gadget I highly recommend having a case for, even if you hate them. Headphones are always in your pocket with some other things, and often with keys. They can be severely scratched in a few months.

Apple Airpods case

In the first week, I bought myself a couple of covers in the nearest Store. Although Apple does not have its own cases, their partners have tried and made many options. I used green to match the color of the iPhone. But in general, there are no options.

By the way, there are also plastic and silicone ones. Here it is for your taste. In principle, the headphones are not particularly heavy, so that they cannot fall off and somehow get damaged in any case, and both are protected from scratches. In general, be sure to use it.

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