Testing HONOR’s first tablet, a 10-inch Pad V6 with a powerful processor and fast charging.

Pad V6 is the first tablet from HONOR, which has already conquered the smartphone market. The device came out of high quality and relatively inexpensive, with good battery life and a large screen. But first things first.

HONOR Pad V6: Design and display

  • 10.4 inches, IPS, 2000 x 1200 pixels, 225 PPI
  • Glossy back, 4 speakers

Due to the elongated aspect ratio, the tablet turned out to be compact – you can’t immediately say that the diagonal is more than 10 inches. This format is very convenient when watching videos – all modern films and series are played without black borders and occupy the entire screen.

The frames are relatively thin by the standards of the tablets and the same from all sides. The display has high brightness and wide viewing angles, but not the best white balance: light colors give off a bluish tint, as is the case with many IPS panels. The color temperature can be corrected in the settings or turn on the dark theme – as we did. Dark mode, by the way, looks great and works in almost all applications. 

2K resolution with 225 PPI is not the highest, but acceptable. Individual pixels are visible only if you look very closely at the thin letters – we hope no one will do that when working with a tablet. 

The device’s design deserves a separate mention – the front camera is located here on the long side of the screen so that it is convenient to use it in a horizontal orientation. And the speakers (there are four of them here) are on two ends. This allows you to achieve surround sound stereo, which is especially essential when watching movies and gaming.

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The tablet is available in one color: with a glossy silverback. The color is versatile and beautiful but very easily soiled: the back panel is instantly covered with fingerprints and requires constant maintenance. The case will fix the situation: the official HONOR website does not yet have such accessories for the tablet (only a case with a keyboard), but they are easy to find on Aliexpress.

HONOR Pad V6: Tablet in use

  • Kirin 985
  • 6/128 GB
  • Android Magic UI 3.1

The tablet received the flagship Kirin 985 processor and a decent amount of memory, 6/128 GB. The storage can be expanded using a card.

There is no point in talking about performance: the tablet can handle all popular games, does not freeze in multitasking mode, and generally pleases its speed. For the performance test, we installed Asphalt 9 – and were satisfied. You can play at high settings with comfortable fps.

Everyone already knows that HONOR devices do not support Google services. If it seems like a problem at first, then in practice, everything is not so scary – many applications are already in the App Gallery branded store, and those that do not exist can be downloaded through APKPure.

The App Gallery library is constantly expanding – the store already has all Yandex services, popular instant messengers (including Telegram, TikTok, VK), bank programs, games, and office applications – for example, from Microsoft. The only exceptions are programs that use Google services – an attempt to open them will be interrupted by a corresponding notification.

Also, for installing programs from the App Gallery, they give gifts, and pleasant bonuses – a list of them is in the Participant Center application. For example, if you buy a tablet and download the IVI service to it, you can get two months of free subscription.

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If you use an HONOR or HUAWEI smartphone, you can use the “Multi-screen” mode, in which content from the phone is displayed on the tablet display. The function is convenient, but not for everyone – only for loyal fans of the brand.

But what all users can use is the multitasking mode. You can open up to three applications simultaneously: two windows will be located on the desktop, and one more – on top of them. This feature is also on the manufacturer’s smartphones that run on Android 10, but it is undoubtedly more relevant on a tablet with a large screen.

To launch several applications simultaneously, you need to use the sidebar: open it and drag the application icon onto the display to open it in full size, or tap – so that the program begins in a “bubble” on top of other windows.

To work with text, the tablet can be supplemented with an external keyboard. And for drawing and sketching – use a stylus. The HONOR Magic Pencil supports 4096 degrees of pressure and is perfect for taking quick notes and sketching. However, we only had a tablet on our test, so we could not test the pen. The device also supports Wi-Fi. It seems that its presence is already a new “good form” among gadgets. 

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You can use a password or face recognition to unlock it. However, to activate the tablet even in the face, you have to press the power button.

HONOR Pad V6: Autonomy

  • 7250 mAh
  • USB-C Fast Charge 22.5W

Tablet battery life is sometimes more important than power – many people use them to watch videos and study, not for gaming. When playing online videos in Full HD at medium brightness, the gadget lost 4% of its charge in half an hour. A full battery will last about 12-13 hours of playback.

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The tablet comes with a 22.5 W fast charger, so you don’t need to charge the 7250 mAh battery all day. The charging process from scratch takes about 2.5 hours.

HONOR Pad V6: Cameras

The camera on the tablet is not the main thing. And therefore, this detail remained unchanged for many years. In the last couple of years, manufacturers have begun to install good cameras in tablets and even dual cameras in top models. The HONOR Pad V6 has a pretty decent camera compared to the sensors in previous years’ models. Still, in terms of the quality of shooting, it is inferior even to the manufacturer’s budget smartphones.

The rear sensor is one with a resolution of 13 megapixels, support for AI algorithms, and an aperture of f / 1.8. If necessary, you can also record videos in Full HD at up to 30 fps. And although tablets are filmed much less often than smartphones, it is good to have this opportunity just in case.

But the front camera in these devices is already more important – after all, tablets are often used for video communication. The HONOR has an 8MP (f / 2.2) wide-angle sensor with a fixed focus. The quality is acceptable, and a proprietary set of selfie enhancers is a bonus.

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Should you buy the HONOR Pad V6 tablet?

Officially, the first version of HONOR Pad V6 costs $310. Taking into account the top processor and good autonomy, the price is adequate and even profitable. Also, the model has a large display, a large battery, and loudspeakers. So the tablet can be advised to everyone who is going to not only watch videos on it but also use the device for gaming and work.

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