What could be duller than the phrase “Speaker system with FM radio, clock, and wireless charging”? Digital photo frames and other yawns immediately come to mind – it seems that the time for such things has long passed, and there is no return to the old. We get up on an alarm clock on a smartphone, instead of an electronic clock, we use the Apple Watch night mode, and instead of a digital photo frame, we look at photos in an iPhone – open, scroll, enjoy.

But there is an exception to any rule. I have long wanted to find some bedside device with many functions – so that both the clock and wireless charging, and ideally, you could turn on the music for a wonderful leisurely Saturday morning. And then fate gave me a Harman Kardon Citation Oasis. It’s like a clock in a hotel, only with modern features and even wireless charging.

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Harman Kardon Citation Oasis: Appealing Design

In general, Citation is a huge family of home multi-room acoustics.

The systems are constantly being updated, and for the second year, new things have appeared in the family. Oasis is currently the most advanced component of the Citation and the most compact. You can explore all their products here- link.

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The column (it’s easier to call a gadget a column) is available in two colors: either a dark gray finish or a light gray. Plastic on top, fabric on the side, everything is done and fitted properly.

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Above is wireless charging. It would help if you got used to properly laying the smartphone. But no cables. Touch buttons, except for Play/Snooze. Let me remind you that Snooze helps to pause the alarm – I doubt that someone will use it, but you never know.

I tried to put the Oasis near the bed. The case was too big for the shelf; even a glass of water has nowhere to stick it. Therefore, the system has moved to another correct location – to the desktop. There is no clock always on in the living room, but the screen is bright, visible from afar.


There are buttons on the back too. You can turn off the microphone (it works with Google Assistant), adjust the backlight, turn off Wi-Fi. There is also a USB connector – in addition to wireless charging, wired charging is also possible. And another 3.5 mm jack! I am amazed at how much has been crammed into this little case. After all, if you do not use streaming services, then you have at your disposal Bluetooth, an ordinary FM radio – there is an antenna in the kit.

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As for the settings, everything happens in the Google Home application. Everything is straightforward. Connect the speaker to your home network, set up an assistant. Then you can use AirPlay 2 if you have Apple technology, and if you have an Android smartphone, Chromecast will help. As I said, a thing is universal, like a Kalashnikov assault rifle. You can put it in any room, listen to anything. I do this most often with AirPlay 2.

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What else is there to add about the design? You can hang four favorite radio stations on the buttons on top (press and hold when the radio is on).

One more thing: if you buy in a store, sellers can tell you about setting the alarm clock by voice and other things related to the assistant. Keep in mind that this is Google assistant enabled.

Harman Kardon Citation Oasis: Sound Quality

Two drivers are responsible for the entire frequency spectrum; two passive radiators – the picture is good for a small device. Something Citation reminded me of all the good compact speakers of recent years – it can create a background perfectly. Nothing else is required. Based on these acoustic parameters, you yourself can imagine where the ideal location for the Oasis is. I have a desktop, the system will feel great in the kitchen, on the bedside table, in the office, in the bathroom (just put it away from water).

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Verdict: Should you buy Harman Kardon Citation Oasis:?

Do not forget that Citation is luxury. In general, this is comparable to many compact systems, but I think Oasis will live in your home much longer, and at sunset, it will go somewhere out of town to a bathhouse or a summer kitchen. There are many functions, the system looks great, the sound quality is pleasant, and it is straightforward to fit this “smart” alarm clock into the existing home infrastructure.

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