The game’s initial demonstration last summer, Halo Infinite, left The Verge with an unpleasant experience. The graphics and visuals weren’t as impressive as you’d expect from the next-generation game. Shortly after the release of the demo, the game’s launch was delayed until 2021 “to give the team enough time to create Halo gameplay that matches our vision.”

Halo Infinite looks significantly better in new 4K screenshots

And now developers from 343 Industries have shared a new batch of 4K screenshots from Halo Infinite for PC. The graphics look much better this time. Full-size detailed images can be found on the blog Halo waypoint

Halo Infinite looks significantly better in new 4K screenshots

However, there are a few caveats to keep in mind when looking at the screenshots. First, there is no information on how powerful the computer was used to run the game. Secondly, we do not see the game in motion and do not know how this quality is comparable to the game’s performance. Thirdly, it is not yet known how the game looks on consoles. Finally, keep in mind that marketing images don’t always match what users might see in the final product. However, for Halo fans who have been looking forward to Halo Infinite, these screenshots say the game will look good (with the right gaming hardware).

A source: The verge

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