According to the Motherboard resource, Electronic Arts has become a victim of hackers who has stolen many confidential data. In particular, hackers were able to steal the source code of the FIFA 21 game, the Frostbite game engine (used to create the EA soccer sports series and the Battlefield series), and other development tools.

Hackers intend to sell stolen data on hacker forums. However, they will only consider proposals from well-known personalities in the hacker community.

The source code is of great value in programming. It is unlikely that other reputable developers will deliberately use EA Code. However, hackers who can see the inner workings of a game or engine will create cheats or hacking tools. Also, access to the source code can reveal information about secret projects, game ideas, or comments from developers that companies would prefer not to publicize. In addition, such leaks damage the company’s reputation.

In addition to Electronic Arts’ proprietary code and development tools, the hackers say they also have Microsoft Xbox and Sony SDKs and API keys for sale. The total amount of stolen data is 780 GB.

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Hackers stole FIFA 21 source code, Frostbite engine and development tools from Electronic Arts

An EA spokesman confirmed that the hackers had stolen “a limited amount of the game’s source code and related tools.” At the same time, it is noted that the hackers did not have access to the players’ data. Additionally, the company assured that Electronic Arts has improved its security after this incident and does not expect this to affect its games or business. EA has made it clear to us that the attack was not related to the use of ransomware, and the company is working with law enforcement to investigate the incident.

A source: The verge

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