Google is rolling out an update for its two-factor authentication request on Android. The innovations are of a cosmetic nature that will delight users who prefer to use dark mode smartphones.

The updated version of the two-factor authentication request received a new look made in the Material Design style. The request now uses the custom Google Sans font and colorful red and green icons on the user interface’s login buttons.

Google Two-Factor Authentication Notice Gets Updated UI and Dark Mode Support

More importantly, the request has received dark mode support and is now displayed in a dark interface. This will help to avoid unpleasant sensations for the eyes when the user works with the smartphone in the dark and receives a corresponding request.

An updated version of the two-factor authentication request has already begun to circulate among Android users. But so far, the spread is slow. The latest version is already available on some personal Google accounts but not yet available to users with Google Workspace accounts.

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