Google One is a subscription that provides additional cloud storage for Gmail, Drive, and Photos services. Last year, the subscription also included a VPN, and now Google One users have exclusive photo editing tools that were previously only available to Pixel smartphones.

The redesigned editor adds features such as Portrait Light (which allows you to change the lighting in a photo) and Portrait Blur (blurs the background even in pictures that were not taken in portrait mode). Also, users become available to various filters that allow “apply complex editing in one tap.”

Also, the Blur and Color Pop functions have been updated, which now work even with photos that do not contain information about the image’s depth. These tools will remain available to regular Google Photos users but will only work with portrait photos.

Google One users will find it easy to see the latest tools and filters identified with a small subscription logo. It is noted that the innovations work on smartphones with at least 3 GB of RAM and an installed operating system, Android 8.0 or newer.

Pixel owners will be able to continue using the advanced Google Photos editor for free. The cost of a Google One subscription, by the way, starts at $1.99/month. 

A source: 9to5google

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