Google Maps has got another useful innovation. First of all, this concerns the possibility of paying for parking. Google has integrated Passport and ParkMobile services into the application. And using the Pay for Parking button, you can pay via Google Pay by specifying the parking area and parking time.

Google says it will soon be able to pay for parking in 400 US cities, including New York, Boston, Cincinnati, Houston, Los Angeles, and Washington. Unfortunately, the company does not specify if the feature will become available in other countries. Obviously, this depends not only on the interest of Google but also on the technical readiness of local services for paying for parking.

Also, Google has expanded the availability of the public transportation payment function through the Maps app. The company notes that this opportunity has earned more than 80 transport companies around the world. It looks pretty convenient because you can buy a pass for the required transport directly during route planning.

Sources: Google, 9to5google

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