Google Maps is one of the most actively developed applications of the company. It constantly introduces new features and various changes. For example, the application received a Go tab for access to frequently visited places and a new Driving mode not so long ago. Now the developers have started testing the split-screen interface in Street View mode.

Users on Reddit noticed the innovation. The new interface automatically launches when you select a point on the map and launch Street View. After that, the screen is divided into two halves: at the top, you see the Street View image, at the bottom – a map with the point’s location. If you want to open the street view in full screen, there is a corresponding button in the right corner.

Street View opens immediately in full screen in the old interface, which is why it is not very convenient to navigate in which direction you are moving. Apparently, the update is distributed from the server-side because the users who shared the screenshots have Google Maps version 10.59.1 installed. The new interface is not yet available for me in a similar version of the application.

Sources: XDA-Developers, Reddit

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