A couple of days ago, we told you that some Google Maps users have a new split-screen interface in Street View mode. Now it has become known that the developers have begun testing the updated route building screen.

Now, if you select a point on the map and plot a route to it, the screen will be divided into three conventional parts: the points of departure and destination are indicated above, as well as the approximate time to overcome the route by different types of transport or on foot; there is a map in the center; at the bottom, there is a button to start navigation. The new interface assumes a more concise upper half of the screen – there will be a map and a window with waypoints, and the main functionality will move down. Each way to overcome the route is displayed as a separate card with a button to start navigation. A card with a driving route is visible by default, but you will see other options if you drag it up.

New UI (left) vs. current UI (right)

The new interface has so far been noticed by a small number of users. Apparently, Google is gradually testing such a significant change to one of the main screens. As for me, the new version looks prettier, but in the old one, you can immediately compare the travel times by different vehicles. Which version do you like best?

Sources: XDA-Developers, 9to5google

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