Google has launched a tool to transfer data from iPhone to Android devices

Apple has a “Move to iOS” app for migrating from Android phones to iPhones. Google is now testing its version of the transition from iOS to Android. Journalists from 9to5Google checked tool “Switch to Android” In action.

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You can switch to Android using an application from the App Store, which is currently only available via a direct link for iOS and has not yet been released on Google Play.

In the first step, the app explains exactly what will be copied from iPhone to Android, including “photos, videos, contacts, and more.” Then they are asked to scan a QR code from an Android phone. Journalists were unable to access this setup process, but Android needs to create a hotspot to connect to the iPhone. Once connected, most important data will be transferred wirelessly.

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So far, data transfer can only be judged by screenshots from the App Store. They show the transfer of “Contacts”, “Calendar events”, “Photo” and “Video”.

Google has launched a tool to transfer data from iPhone to Android devices

After copying is complete, they suggest disabling iMessage so that the iPhone user’s messages are actually delivered via SMS, and do not disappear into iMessage.

The last step of the migration process is to request to transfer iCloud data to Google Drive/Google Photos. The “Start Request” button launches Safari with an iCloud support page where you can “Request a copy of your data.”

On the Android site already application page appearedbut you can’t download it.

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