Google Docs is one of the best document creation and editing programs out there, especially if you want to collaborate with other people. Earlier this year, Google redesigned Google Docs with a smart chip that, among other features, allows information from other Workspace applications to be linked to your Docs file. This feature is now even more useful with a new extension.

Google Docs added a new menu that allows you to insert anything into your document, including names, file links, images, tables, and other varieties of content, without leaving your current tab. This can be done by typing @ in the document, which brings up a menu with suggested files, people, and appointments.Source: Google

The new feature is a convenient way to find anything you want to add to your document, such as files in Drive. In this case, Google Docs will create a link in the current document that will redirect you to the relevant content.

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You can also use this feature to tag someone and they will ask you if you want to share a document with them. Prior to this change, you had to switch to another application to find items to add to your document. A new feature allows this feature to be performed on many of the best laptops without even using a mouse.

Google Docs is more user-friendly thanks to the latest update (google docs page break)
Source: Google

In addition to the new universal menu, Google Docs now allows you to add page breaks in front of paragraphs. You can use this option to create a new page with specific paragraph styles such as titles, subheadings, or headings. The latest update also allows you to import and export Microsoft Word and other third-party documents using the Page Break Before function to paragraphs while retaining their formatting.

All of these new capabilities are available to all Google Workspace users, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers, although it may take several weeks before changes are available to everyone.

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