The Gomi Speaker is a portable speaker made mostly from recycled materials. In this case, the speaker case is made from recycled plastic bags and batteries taken from old electric bicycles.

One case allegedly needs about 100 packages, and the manufacturer says about the power supplies that they are thoroughly tested. At the same time, there is also fast charging.

Gomi kicked off on Kickstarter with a very modest goal of 5500 with a change of dollars. More than $44,000 have already been collected. The campaign is successful, although, with such amounts, the success is also modest. If you look at it, there are only 210 backers so far.

So, what kind of device is in front of us if we omit the issue of recyclable materials. The speaker has a power of 25 W, has a USB-C connector, can be paired with the same speaker to create stereo sound, weighs 800 g, and has a battery life of about 20 hours. The dimensions are 198 x 62 x 92 mm. Inside there is one main driver and one low-frequency driver. There is also AUX, Bluetooth 5.0, and, as for me, very nice cases.

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The company also offers an optional 15W Gomi Wireless Mag wireless charging station. It is not for a speaker, but smartphones, but it is made of the same plastic.

The speaker costs a minimum of £150 for the campaign and charges £35 for charging. Deliveries are due to start in November.

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