The American automobile corporation General Motors has actively taken up the electrification of its brands’ model lines. After the GMC Hummer, EV/EV SUV and Chevrolet Bolt EV/EUV models announced the Chevrolet Silverado electric pickup truck’s release with a 650 km (400 miles) range.

At the moment, the model creators are not ready to show the design and announce the rest of the characteristics of the novelty. It is known that the Chevrolet Silverado electric pickup truck on the Ultium proprietary platform will be developed from scratch as an electric vehicle and not be a modification of the existing ICE model of the same name.

GM officially announces Chevrolet Silverado electric pickup with 650 km range will be assembled at Factory Zero in Detroit

The manufacturer expects the range from a full charge of a battery of unknown capacity to be in the order of 650 km (400 miles), which is not so bad for a heavy cargo model.

The Chevrolet Silverado EV will be assembled at the same Factory Zero Detroit-Hamtramck (Michigan, USA). The GMC Hummer EV electric pickup and the GMC will be assembled Hummer EV SUV electric crossover will be launched. Officially, the start date of serial assembly has not been announced, but according to some reports, the process will be launched at the end of next 2022.

Recall that by 2025 General Motors plans to invest $ 27 billion in electric vehicles and introduce about 30 new electric models.

A source: Engadget, GM

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