A couple of years ago, Samsung began reviving a format that seemed to have long been forgotten. The first Galaxy Fold was a very hype device. But because of him, unfortunately, the Flip remained unnoticed. However, the fashion clamshell is meant to get the attention it deserves with the new generation, as the Galaxy Z Flip3 became the main presentation device on August 11th.

Design and equipment

As it befits today’s premium A-brand smartphones, the box is skinny. Affected by the equipment, apart from a smartphone, a paper clip, and a cable, there is nothing else.

The new Galaxy Flip3, in my opinion, is the best version of all Samsung foldable smartphones. The opinion is subjective, but is there an objective perception of design?

Firstly, the new Flip3 perfectly plays with all the elements of the device. The external screen is bounded by a black frame that fits organically into the body.

The glass case itself does not slip at all in the hands or on anything else that the past generation has sinned. The device is thin. This does not create the impression of excessive thinness or excessive thickness when “Flip” is folded. Everything is as it should be.

Secondly, if the first “Flip” seemed to many to be somewhat unprepossessing, while others called it purely feminine, the same cannot be said about the Galaxy Z Flip3: even in the color of the case, which Samsung calls beige, the smartphone is quite unisex, and its elements are proportional to each other:

The inner screen has received a new film. It collects fewer prints, which is very nice. It became even more pleasant to slide your fingers on this screen: everything is like clockwork. No problem, so Samsung gets another credit for the oleophobic coating of the new Flip.

If the smoothness of the interface is important to you, then the Galaxy Z Flip3 can please you with this – there is a matrix that can adapt and adjust the image refresh rate in three values: 45, 60, and 120 Hz.

The color rendition of this AMOLED display is very rich in Samsung’s way. The picture is bright. But the main innovation here is the image refresh rate, which is now adjustable depending on the usage scenario up to 120 Hz. The animations are smooth. Everything looks wonderful – connoisseurs will definitely appreciate it.

The outer screen is almost four times larger than the first Galaxy Z Flip. Not only time is now placed on it. For example, I watched the weather, read the messages that came to me, and controlled the music.

At the user’s request, it will be possible to install several more widgets on the external screen. Their list is not very long, but I think it will soon be expanded – after all, the smartphone is not officially on sale yet. In the meantime, I will express one wish: I would like to get some input from this screen. These can be auto-replies or the ability to record a voice message in response to the received one. So you can not disturb the hinges and save the battery.

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The hinges have become more rigid. Opening the smartphone is now more difficult, but it will definitely not close when you use the smartphone in Flex mode – in this case, the application interface is divided into two halves, and the fold does not interfere with use.

One of the main innovations of the new Z line is the IPX8 waterproof rating. That is, a smartphone can withstand a half-hour immersion in freshwater to a depth of one and a half meters.


We are talking, of course, about the cases. If the last generation received a soiled standard plastic transparent case, then along with the Galaxy Z Flip3, a huge number of cool and interesting accessories are presented.

There are silicone and leather cases. Unexpectedly, I got an olive silicone case. Nice pastel color. Looks very good, although I am not a fan of these colors.

By the way, don’t be afraid to choose covers in colors that don’t match your Galaxy Z Flip3 – the covers completely hide the colored parts, exposing only the hinge and the area with the outer screen:

Another interesting fact is a large number of colors. You can buy four colors offline: beige, black, green, and lavender. But with ordering on the Samsung website, three more colors are available exclusively – pink, white and gray. My last favorite – I want this color for myself:


Frankly, I would like the Galaxy Z Flip3 to run on the Exynos 2100. And if a year ago such a desire would have been perceived by many technologists as something extraordinary, then 2021 put everything in its place. This system-on-a-chip is better than the one Qualcomm presented.

By the way, here are numbers for fans of numbers:

But in general, I don’t see much point in discussing the hardware that this smartphone received. Still, they don’t buy it to play with toys and do some resource-intensive work. This is primarily a fashion device. And the hardware that this smartphone received will definitely cope with the tasks assigned to it.

Everyone will express their own opinion about the built-in memory: will 128 or 256 GB be enough for you? It will be difficult for me with the younger version, but with more capacious storage, it will be quiet. In case of a lack of space, you can always turn to one of the widely available cloud storage on the market.


The smartphone received a battery of two cells. This is due to the thinness of the smartphone and its form factor.

The capacity is not the largest – 3300 mAh. And this is one of the reasons why I would like more options for working with the external screen: in many cases, I do not need the dimensions of the internal screen. In the end, I would like to be able to read SMS that does not need answers or record a voice message – after all, these actions do not depend on the screen on which they are performed.

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A more advanced version of working with the external screen would increase its autonomy, which I lacked – my smartphone did not survive from one charge until 19 pm. And this is the only reason I think the Galaxy Z Flip3 is purely fashionable but not a functional device.

However, many have chargers at work, and in the bag, there is a light Power Bank. Therefore, the problem associated with an insufficiently capacious battery does not look very urgent in 2021.

There is no charging box in the box. Therefore, alternatives need to be considered. The maximum charging power over the wire is 15 W, over the wireless – 10 W. There is reverse wireless charging, with which you can charge your headphones or watch.


There are no improvements in the camera in comparison with the previous “Flip.” He shoots as well as the previous generation. The pictures give off a Samsung flavor, which is expressed in the selection of all contrasting objects. But this is noticeable only with a 100% increase.

The main wide-angle camera has optical stabilization. But the best picture can be achieved by turning on electronic stabilization. There is no toggle switch. Stabilization works in all video shooting modes, except for 4K 60 fps.

Filming starts with a slight delay. It would be best if you were prepared for this. Moreover, the delay is about a second. What is the reason, I do not know, but our operator Lesha, who uses Samsung exclusively, claims that this is a normal practice for the company’s smartphones.

A handy feature that appeared with the advent of foldable devices is the ability to take selfies with an external camera, seeing yourself on an external screen. The camera starts up in folded mode by double-pressing the power button. It is enough for a smartphone to show the palm or say “take off,” – and it will take a picture on the count of “three” (this is not three seconds, but about one and a half seconds).

You can switch between cameras by vertical swipe on the external screen. These selfies are square by default and cannot be changed.

But what I lack in comparison with the previous generation is the ability to launch the camera and the external screen when the smartphone is somewhat open. He perceives even a small crack as a completely open device. But putting a smartphone on half-open ribs and taking a picture with friends would be very convenient.

I would also like an optical zoom – after all, two cameras are often not enough.


I decided to highlight this point separately since the Galaxy Z Flip3, one of the most interesting devices on the market is about compactness.

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This nice little square is very convenient to carry with you. It is convenient to ride a bike with it, keeping your smartphone in your shorts or trousers pocket. He will not cause you any inconvenience. And this is Flip’s main killer feature.

Many, of course, can laugh: what is this smartphone that does not fit into the pockets? Well, I don’t wear loose-fitting pants and shorts, but I’m not too fond of loose-fitting clothes either—quite a standard cut. And huge phablets do not fit into it, or with the next step and squatting on a chair, they will cause a ton of inconvenience. Of course, you get used to them. But I would not like to get used to the inconvenience. After all, it is their absence that says a lot about the quality of your life.

Galaxy Z Flip3 copes with the task set before it: it takes away the discomfort caused by trends in the increase in device screen sizes. There is a large 6.7-inch screen, but the body is half its size. And that’s what I really love Flip for and put up with its too warm system-on-a-chip, insufficient optical zoom, and a small battery.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 was the work on the errors of the first model. It looks great. It has moisture protection, an updated screen film that is 80% more reliable than the previous one. The mechanism is unlikely to loosen even after hundreds of thousands of opening cycles. Accessories allow you to customize your smartphone to its appearance, and on the official Samsung website, you can order exclusive colors that are not available in offline retail.

Also, for pre-order, give Samsung Care + for 1 year – a certificate that allows you to apply for a one-time display replacement. Residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg will still have access to repair in an hour and a mobile team that will be able to repair your smartphone on the spot.

Samsung Upgrade customers have access to a test drive function, when smartphones of the Galaxy Z line will be given for three months with the ability to exchange for the current flagship of the usual form factor in the face of the Galaxy S21, Galaxy Note20, and Galaxy S20 FE.

But overall, I want to say this: The Galaxy Z Flip3 has become a perfect device. Using it, you don’t go back to zero when such a form factor was popular. Flip3 is about modernity. There is a large and excellent screen, good performance, which will grab your eyes. This smartphone will grab attention.

If you could not decide whether to buy the first generation, then the Flip3 came out much better. It does not give the impression of being an experimental device. This is an established product category. And she’s for sure deserves your attention.

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