Samsung Electronics published a preliminary estimate of the financial results of the first quarter of fiscal 2020 – the South Korean manufacturer predicts excellent financial indicators, the guarantee of the good sales of the flagship line of Galaxy S21 smartphones.

The South Korean giant estimates the consolidated income for the reporting period at 65 trillion won ($ 58 billion). For comparison: a year ago, this figure was 55.33 trillion won, and in the fourth quarter of 2020 – 61.55 trillion won. In annual terms, revenue increased by 17.5%, and in quarterly terms – by 5.6%.

Operating income is expected to be just 9.3 trillion won ($ 8.3 billion), up 44% from the same quarter in 2020 (6.45 trillion won).

The full report, as usual, will be published only at the end of the month. Then the details of the financial results of individual divisions of Samsung will become known.

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