Ford has teamed up with perfume company Olfiction to develop Mach-Eau, a bottled scent that brings a nostalgic touch to gasoline and new car interiors. They Can’t Buy Scent was inspired by electric car owners who said they lacked the smell of gasoline.

On Saturday, July 15, Olfiction announced that Ford had received an order from Ford to develop a unique Mach-Eau fragrance that advertises the Mustang Mach-E GT electric vehicle. The fragrance is not available for purchase; instead, Ford presented it at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The inspiration for the new scent was pretty straightforward. Obviously, a significant percentage of future electric car owners will miss the smell of gasoline, which is a popular scent in itself. But, unlike new books and freshly opened wine, this smell is unhealthy.

Olfiction has created a new scent that reflects the general scent of a gasoline car, including ingredients that are similar to car interior scents, rubber tires, and even an “animal element” reminiscent of horses (the scent is meant to promote Mustang, after all).

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Ford of Europe’s Director of Product Communications Jay Ward explained:

Based on our survey, drivers are still reluctant to give up on the sensory appeal of gasoline cars. The Mach Eau scent is designed to give them a hint of the fuel scent they still crave. It should last long enough for the GT’s performance to dispel other doubts.

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