For work and play: testing the 27-inch AOC Q2790PQU monitor with WQHD resolution

AOC released the Q2790PQU monitor over a year ago, but it is still popular with professionals and home users. What’s the secret? The 27-inch display is ideal for work and play. In addition, monitors with WQHD resolution compared to their 4K-counterparts load video cards to a much lesser extent. Let’s start an overview and consider everything in order.

Design and construction features

The monitor body is made of silvery plastic. The narrow glossy borders visually expand the workspace. The design is strict, laconic and unobtrusive – it fits perfectly into the office and home interior. Gamers are better off choosing the more aggressive option – the AOC catalog has enough monitors designed in the spirit of modern shooters.

Despite the fact that the power supply is built-in, the rear panel is not very thick. We could not find fault with the assembly: the gaps are even, there are no backlashes, nothing creaks – however, one could hardly expect anything else from AOC.

The stand is small – it is convenient to place a keyboard of any size next to the monitor. At the same time, the display does not slide on the table and does not wobble. Using the stand, you can adjust the height of the screen above the table surface in the range of 13 cm, tilt it forward / backward and rotate it right / left. In addition, the user can change the display orientation from landscape to portrait – for easy work with voluminous texts. Assembling the monitor will take a couple of seconds – you do not need a screwdriver to attach the panel to the stand, a mechanical lock is provided for this – press the button and you’re done!

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The package includes five cables: USB for connecting the built-in splitter, audio mini-jack / mini-jack, DisplayPort, HDMI and D-Sub, and a power cable. The connectors are on the rear panel. They are distributed in two blocks: the first includes USB ports for the splitter (2 USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 with support for fast charging of mobile devices), the second contains two HDMI, DisplayPort, D-Sub ports and a couple of typical audio outputs.


The key parameters of the monitor are as follows:

Screen diagonal27 inches, IPS
Resolution2560 x 1440 pixels @ 60Hz maximum frequency
Response time4ms (GtG)
Brightness350 cd / sq.m
Contrast1000: 1
Viewing angles178 ° horizontal, 178 ° vertical
Video inputsD-Sub, DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4 (two)
Additional connectorsFour USB 3.0 ports (of which one supports fast charging)
Loudspeakers2 x 2 W
Possibilities of transformation of the standHeight – 130mm, tilt to / from yourself – 5 ° / 25 °, turn left and right at an angle of 165 °, pivot
Energy consumption42W (working)
Dimensions614.9 x 531 x 199.5 mm

Menu and acoustics

The menus are simple and intuitive – like most AOC monitors. It allows you to adjust the basic parameters and turn on / off modes for comfortable work. Thus, the user can adjust the brightness, contrast, color temperature, activate Overdrive, Eco, DCR and LowBlue Mode. The latter reduces the proportion of blue radiation harmful to vision in the backlight, so that the eyes get tired much less.

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A joystick located on the rear panel is used to control the menu. To enter, you need to click in the center. Move the joystick to the left – activate the Clear Vision function, to the right – adjust the volume of the built-in speakers, up – switch video inputs.

The speakers are located on the rear panel – the speakers reproduce sound in the opposite direction from the user. The volume margin is small, but the upper and middle frequencies are well worked out – the sound is clean and detailed: you can listen to background music, watch TV shows, voice presentations.


We started testing with color gamut. It’s impressive, with 100% sRGB and 87% AdobeRGB. This means that the monitor is suitable for professional users: designers, photographers, developers – those who work with color and graphics.

The maximum brightness is 420 cd / m 2 , while the manufacturer indicated 350 cd / m 2 ! Contrast is only slightly below the stated figures. For these indicators, we give the display a solid “five”!

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There is a glow effect, but not critical. The gamma setting can be considered ideal: the curve completely coincides with the reference curve and only slightly diverges from it in the center. In the menu, the gamma settings are expressed by three presets: Gamma 1, Gamma 2 and Gamma 3.

The accuracy of color reproduction pleased: most of the values ​​do not go beyond 0 – there is no need to calibrate the monitor additionally.

There are no questions about the viewing angles: after all, the AOC Q2790PQU is built on an IPS matrix. No matter how we deviated from direct viewing, the picture remained clear and detailed, the colors did not lose brightness. The response time is 16 ms – a bit too long for modern games. However, the manufacturer does not position the display as a gaming one.


We liked the AOC Q2790PQU completely and completely: a clear, detailed image, an ergonomic design, an eye protection mode – it has everything you need for comfortable work. We appreciated the built-in speakers, which produce decent sound – you don’t need to connect speakers to your computer. Based on the review, we give the monitor the highest score.

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