Tesla cars will move to new battery pack for the foreseeable future – Electrek website published the first, he claims, is an image that allows one to appreciate the structure, which in its shape resembles a honeycomb.

At a battery event last year, Tesla announced not only cylindrical cells of the new 4680 format (they will play a key role in the release of an affordable model of an electric vehicle with an autopilot for $ 25,000 by 2024), but also a new design of the battery pack based on them.

Tesla, inspired by aerospace innovations to use aircraft wings as fuel tanks instead of building separate tanks inside the wings, came up with the idea of ​​making the battery pack part of the body structure that connects the front and rear underbody.

Tesla now uses a modular battery pack, assembled from separate blocks containing 2170 cells. This block is a separate part of the platform. The new approach involves abandoning modular design in favor of an embedded design – the entire block will become a structural element of the platform. This design should further strengthen the platform, making it more wear-resistant. That is, Tesla cars will become even more durable. At least that’s the idea.

First look at new battery pack for future Tesla vehicles

Last week Tesla start produce Model Y with cast back part – If you missed, we previously talked about the Giga Press installation, which provides the ability to manufacture the entire rear part of the body as a whole. Using experience in manufacturing giant die-cast parts, Tesla can use this block to combine a large one-piece rear and front bottom into a single structure (like a Lego).

The advantages of this design are a lighter design (fewer parts), a reduction in the mass of the battery pack due to a denser layout. This in turn provides higher energy efficiency and baboutLonger power reserve on a single charge.

Expected that Tesla will test a new built-in unit on the Model Y, which will be produced at the German Gigafactory (apparently, this is the revolution in the automotive industry promised by Elon Musk), and in the upcoming 1100-horsepower Model S Plaid, which will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h less less than 2 seconds.

This is a bold move: while most EV makers are trying to protect the battery pack, Tesla wants to make it an integral structural part of its car platform.

First look at new battery pack for future Tesla vehicles

The above image shows a honeycomb block without new 4680 cells. This construction is known for its strength and lightness. It has previously found applications in the aerospace and automotive industries. For example, the BMW i3 uses a hexagonal battery protection (image below).

First look at new battery pack for future Tesla vehicles

If you take a closer look, you can also notice the holes in the built-in liquid cooling system around the perimeter of the block.

Elon Musk previously called this design is a big breakthrough. While the benefits of this design are clear, many fear that these changes will negatively impact maintainability. At the same time, the head of Tesla reassures that the engineers have thought of everything – the protective rails will take a hit in a collision. They can be cut and replaced.

Just the other day Tesla showed in a video how batteries are created for its cars.

Tesla has released a video demonstrating the different stages of battery production for its cars – this is how Elon Musk’s company beckons to work in the Berlin and Texas Gigafactories

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