Epic Games has announced a new tool developed with the Unreal Engine called Metalhuman creator. It allows you to create very realistic animated human faces that move very naturally. The company has published a description of the platform and has released several videos that show examples of the created characters.

Epic notes that MetaHuman Creator can be used in conjunction with modern motion capture and animation technologies to create lifelike scenes in games, movies, television, and similar formats. The company says photorealistic characters can be made in minutes. They can have a unique hairstyle, dress them up in an exclusive outfit, and adapt for production purposes. You can control “meta-people” in real-time in a regular browser.

“Until now, one of the biggest challenges in 3D content development has been creating truly lifelike digital people. Even the most experienced artists require a significant amount of time, effort, and equipment to form one character, ”said Vladimir Mastilovich, Epic’s vice president of digital-human technologies. “After decades of research and development, and with contributions from 3Lateral, Cubic Motion, and Quixel, this barrier is being erased with the Unreal Engine, and we are thrilled to introduce MetaHuman Creator.”

The faces created with the MetaHuman Creator are more like characters in modern video games. When using the service This Person Does Not Exist (creates faces of non-existent people using AI), you will not get such photorealism. But still, the result is impressive. Epic Games offers to independently evaluate MetaHuman Creator’s capabilities by launching a project, MetaHumans (contains two created characters) powered by the Unreal Engine.

Source: The verge

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