Epic Games Store Give Out Aven Colony Urban Strategy For Free

Epic Games Store digital distribution service has organized another free giveaway for its users. There is only one game on offer this week – Aven Colony. It will be available for free until November 11th.

Epic Games Aven Colony is a strategic city building simulator. The main storyline revolves around the colonization of an alien planet by humanity – Aven Prime. The planet is covered with deserts, tundra and swamps. And now the settlers have to colonize this not the most hospitable world, developing tiny settlements into big cities. At the same time, it is necessary to manage resources, develop infrastructure, monitor the well-being of citizens and confront threats.

In the unfriendly world of Epic Games Aven Prime, there is not enough oxygen, thunderstorms and sandstorms rage, dusty tornadoes walk, geothermal springs release poisonous gases into the atmosphere, and the days are so long that they are divided into seasons. In the process of exploring the new world, the player will encounter various alien life forms, including giant sandworms, deadly spores and fungal infection. And also Aven Prime keeps many secrets of the past, which have to be revealed in the course of the development of the plo

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Aven Colony is available for free from the Epic Games Store via next address or through the official client of the service.

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