Even though earlier Electronic Arts promised to release new parts of Need for Speed ​​and Battlefield by March 2022, the situation is slightly different in practice. The publisher has delayed the next NFS release for a year as its developer, Criterion Games, is temporarily assisting EA DICE with the Battlefield.

The next part of Battlefield’s name has not yet been disclosed, but it should be released this fall. After acquiring the Codemasters studio, Electronic Arts has already had its planned racing game for release this year – F1 2021. Therefore, it was decided to focus on Battlefield, especially since Criterion Games and DICE have already partnered together on the Star Wars Battlefront series and the battle royale mode in Battlefield 5.

Criterion Games took on developing the next Need for Speed ​​in 2020 after three projects released by Ghost Games that received mixed reviews. The studio had previously worked on the franchise and was remastering Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Once Criterion has finished working on Battlefield, it will return to the new Need for Speed ​​game.

The temporary shift in direction for Criterion Games is taking place against the backdrop of an extensive restructuring of EA. Last week, the publisher canceled development for Anthem Next, a reworked version of Anthem, and rumored to have closed the Gaia project, which has been in the works for six years. EA also scrapped plans to include multiplayer elements in the next Dragon Age game.

A source: Engadget

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