The new line of Dyson vacuum cleaners consists of the top-end V15 Detect Absolute, and its younger brother V12 Detect Slim. The younger one is more compact than the older one, but at the same time, it is not inferior to him in power and bells and whistles.

I had a Dyson V8 on my farm. Then a V11 appeared. I was able to try the new V15 – against the background of the latest V12s, the Detect Slim differs in more compact dimensions and minimal weight. This will appeal not only to girls: a more nimble and maneuverable vacuum cleaner weighing 2.2 kg is more convenient for everyone to use at home.

The payback for the size reduction was the reduced capacity of the dust collector. I can’t say that 0.35 liters are very little, but at the same time, the older V15 Detect has a volume of 0.75 liters. In general, such a tank is quiet enough for cleaning the apartment, dust and debris remain in it, and clean air comes out through the Radial Cyclone filtration system from 11 cyclones with five-stage filtration.

In the design of Dyson vacuum cleaners, you can see a futuristic thing, a useful household appliance, a children’s toy – it all depends on your imagination. The main thing is that the exterior does not leave you indifferent, and the bright cordless vacuum cleaner becomes an addition to the interior that you do not want to hide in the closet.

The body is made of plastic. From my own experience, I can say that the material is durable and can withstand drops. It happens that during cleaning, you leave the vacuum cleaner against the wall, and it falls to the floor from the height of its own growth – except for scratches, no cracks.

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Cleaning with a laser

A laser complements the soft roller attachment – if you add a little imagination, cleaning the house turns into a blockbuster when the vacuum cleaner fights dirt, highlighting micro-dust. But the laser is not a menacing red but a peaceful green. “Vacuum cleaner with a flashlight” does not sound very good, but a vacuum cleaner with a laser is already cooler and more effective. The backlight is visible in sunny weather. I had a fear that it is visible only in the dark.

The vacuum cleaner analyzes the degree of surface contamination, selecting the optimal mode at its discretion. In addition, the vacuum cleaner literally “listens” to the dust using an acoustic piezo sensor. On the one hand, we receive statistical data on the composition of dust during cleaning. On the other hand, the vacuum cleaner automatically changes its power during cleaning depending on the dust.

Stripping at high power

The main difference with the new vacuum cleaner is the revised control. If the vacuum cleaner started to work earlier by pressing the trigger, it starts with a huge red button. At first, cleaning is unusual, but then you get used to it. It’s a matter of several walks around the house with a vacuum cleaner.

The color display shows information about cleaning: in addition to the power modes and operating time. You can also see data on dust – statistics on the composition are handy for allergy sufferers. As the cleaning progresses, the graphics change. For the full experience of the game, the only thing missing is the achievement system.

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Rich kit

In a box with a vacuum cleaner, we get a set of various attachments. All of them are so neatly arranged and precisely sorted according to the small package area that it is an art in itself. A nice bonus: there is a mount for nozzles on the pipe to not look for the necessary nozzle again. There is also a docking station familiar to Dyson for mounting the vacuum cleaner on the wall.

Includes a nozzle with a soft roller and built-in laser, an electric brush with carbon fiber bristles, a mini electric brush with anti-wind protection, an adapter for cleaning hard-to-reach places, a combination nozzle, a crevice nozzle, a soft bristle brush, and a stiff bristle brush.

Decent autonomy

Dyson V12 Slim Detect claims up to 60 minutes of operation in Eco-mode. If you switch from the economy mode to the most powerful one, in this case, the vacuum cleaner will work for about 20 minutes. As a compromise, there is a universal option – in this case, charging is enough for 40 minutes of cleaning.

Is it a lot or a little? In 15-20 minutes, I slowly clean an apartment of 60 meters with my V11 Absolute. It turns out one big cleaning on the weekend, plus the inevitable turning on of the vacuum cleaner during the week. As a result, one charge is enough for a week. In the case of the V12 Detect Slim, the autonomy is slightly less. It can be charged twice a week, but this is an adequate payback for the lightweight body.

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Dyson V15 (top) and V12 (bottom)

The Dyson V12 Detect Slim has a removable battery, so if you wish, you can immediately buy a set with two batteries so as not to wait for the battery to recharge. But this is more of a theoretical scenario. But a more realistic option: buying a top-end vacuum cleaner for several years of use, one day the question of replacing the battery will arise. And in this case, you can revive the battery without a visit to the service center.

The vacuum cleaner is charged over the wire; the whole process takes 4.5 hours from the supplied power supply. This is a long time compared to smartphones, so it is easier to leave the dust exterminator at the outlet overnight.


The Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute vacuum cleaner is convenient, powerful, technological, fun – it turns cleaning into entertainment, but you have to pay for it all.

The novelty costs 54,990 rubles – by the standards of wireless cleaning equipment, the price is adequate for the device’s capabilities. There is a laser for illuminating dust and high power and a lot of attachments included.

I see no reason to criticize the V12 for the reduced size of the dust collector. After all, this is a “lightweight” format model, so if you need the maximum volume, then the older V15 or Dyson vacuum cleaners of previous generations remain.

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