For a long time, I was skeptical about cordless vacuum cleaners. Firstly, I have a small apartment, and a 3-meter wire is more than enough for me to clean using a “one socket.” Then I got a robot vacuum cleaner, and life became much easier. But still, the convenience of a cordless vacuum cleaner is invaluable: you scattered something, took the vacuum cleaner, removed it, put it back in place – it’s done. No wires or unnecessary movements for you.

We have already tried vertical vacuum cleaners, but somehow I could not try Dyson. Correcting myself, catch a review on the almost top-end V11 Absolute model. Why practically? Dyson recently released a model with two replaceable batteries that last up to 120 minutes. Perhaps this is ideal for large apartments or country houses, but a charge of 60 minutes is enough for my apartment. Or not? This is what I decided to check.

First impression of the Dyson V11 Absolute

I took out the vacuum cleaner barely charged from the box and immediately decided to try how the same Dyson works. I moved on to the first disappointment from the first tactile delights: the vacuum cleaner was cumbersome. At some point, my hand got tired, and I had to intercept the vacuum cleaner in another, and besides, reddening appeared from friction in the handle area from the constant clamp of the “trigger.” The manufacturer claims that the trigger saves a lot of battery power, cool, but I would still like to have a latch that could lock the clip to vacuum quietly for 15 minutes without any extra effort.

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Free from dust and wires.  Dyson V11 Absolute Review Dust and Wire Free.  Dyson V11 Absolute review

The first thing I did was decided to vacuum the upholstered furniture and the bed. They usually hide invisible dust mites and small flakes of the skin, which cause allergies and sometimes several skin diseases. To my surprise, I collected quite a lot. Dust in upholstered furniture is not quite similar to ordinary. In structure, it rather resembles flour. Here’s how much dust I collected in 2 minutes of cleaning:

Free from dust and wires.  Dyson V11 Absolute Review Dust and Wire Free.  Dyson V11 Absolute review

The vacuum cleaner screen shows the time of the remaining charge of the vacuum cleaner in different modes. In cases where a blockage appears – this will also be displayed on the screen. The same applies to cleaning the filter. Dyson recommends rinsing the filter once a month under running water. IMPORTANT: the filter must be dried very well before installing it back into the vacuum cleaner. It is recommended to leave the filter to dry for at least a day. Moisture is the most dangerous enemy of Dyson vacuum cleaners. When water gets in, all electronics can fly.

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