The first FPV drone from DJI (allows for first-person flight) has not yet been announced, although photos have already appeared on the network. Now the channel Dominion Drones published a video of the FPV Combo drone’s unboxing and clarified some of the device’s characteristics (there is no video on the channel, but it was re-posted SpiderMonkey FPV).

The video allows you to see the drone’s appearance, equipped with a first-person camera and additional sensors, probably allowing you to avoid collisions with obstacles. The drone’s controller is more like a gamepad, and the new goggles are lighter than the 2019 DJI model. The FPV Combo can accelerate to 93 mph (150km/h).

The SpiderMonkey FPV channel also posted a short video showing the recording from the FPV drone camera. Such a gadget is beneficial not only for drone races but also for recording various footage.

DJI is expected to unveil the FPV drone this March. However, the company faced a ban from the American government not so long ago, so the plans may be revised.

A source: Engadget

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