There is such an attractive French brand, Devialet: people make expensive acoustic systems that have gained recognition worldwide. Devialet can be found even in Apple stores, which already says a lot (the company’s products are meticulous in choosing accessories). Well, I’ve been hunting for Gemini headphones for a long time, and I finally found one. I have been using it for a couple of weeks, let’s tell you what kind of animal it is.

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Devialet Gemini TWS: Design & Construction

In short, headphones are similar to Devialet speakers, and there is something about that. At least they sit very well. Nothing presses anywhere and does not rub even after an hour with headphones.

The case is also enjoyable. The lid does not open but moves smoothly. Grooves with magnets, the headphones sit securely, it is easy to understand which one to put. USB Type-C is used for charging. Wireless charging is supported. I tried it with a Nomad “carpet.”

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The case is not small. It is larger than the AirPods Pro case. You can wear it in a jacket pocket without any problems, but it sticks out firmly in jeans.

IPX splash-proof: I tried to walk with headphones on the track, I tried to work out with a trainer, everything was ok. The quality of speech transmission is not bad. Nothing flies anywhere. I will highly recommend Devialet Gemini TWS headphones to everyone. Additionally, you can try Beats Powerbeats Pro or something similar.

The claimed battery life is six or eight hours, depending on whether noise cancellation works or not, the case provides three more charges. I will write more about this below, but sometimes the cups do not fit snugly against the contacts. One cup is charged, the other is not. I recommend periodically putting the case on the table – as the practice has shown, the situation with charging is more or less predictable in this position.


The application is wonderful, but I still could not find the attachments with it: insert the headphones, sounds are heard, and then they tell you whether the branches are ok or not. I tried everything in turn, every time there was an error. In the end, I just stopped doing it.

Then I started to install a software update, which was also far from the first time. The first time the update was canceled, the second time too. What is the reason? I do not know, but I advise you to update your headphones late at night when you can safely put your smartphone next to the case.

What else can I tell you about the branded application? It’s beautiful. You can customize the equalizer. You can set up a “smart” pause: when you take the Gemini out of your ears, the music stops playing. The main screen displays the current mode – noise reduction, transparency, or “neutral” when the headphones work just like headphones. I will not scold the utility – I was most interested in the update, albeit not the first time, but everything worked out—many thanks.

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Noise reduction and Transparency mode

Honestly, these systems’ operation is almost imperceptible – the real breakthrough in this category of headphones occurred with AirPods Pro’s release, and Devialet Gemini resembles such models from the past. Loud noises are slightly muffled, sounds around are slightly amplified in this format. If these features are important to you, then buy AirPods Pro.

Devialet Gemini TWS headphones: Major Problems

Besides the fun with the program, there are several other questions. Headphones in the Bluetooth menu are defined as Gemini L and Gemini R, both work when Gemini L is connected. So, sometimes only the right earphone is connected, and you are listening not to stereo but mono. Or, only the left earphone can be connected. There is one way to cure the problem: turn Bluetooth on and off.

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Sometimes the headphones don’t usually connect after removing them from the case, or if you move a little further from the smartphone than necessary. In general, if you are used to the stable and beautiful work of AirPods, then there is a certain tension with Gemini – you do not know what they will throw out in a second. More often than not, everything is ok, but taking out the headphones ten times a day can run into trouble.

And it also happens when the headphones lie in the case for a day. One is charged, the other is almost discharged. Faced with such a disaster a couple of times in a month of operation.

Devialet Gemini TWS headphones: Sound

In general, I could not write about the problems, but I want to praise these headphones for the sound basically. In general, not many audio devices make me unconditionally happy. Gemini is one of them. Incredible volume, recoil, good bass, details, usually TWS headphones do not say a lot. This is not even close here. Apple users have no use in supporting aptX.

By the way, I tried to connect headphones to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, listened to the same tracks in Apple Music, and did not notice a big difference. Another question is if you get FLAC and run it on “fold” in some program – then there is a difference, and anyone can hear it (not everyone wants to bother like that). And probably for the Fold and top aptX-enabled Android devices, these headphones are some of the best at the moment – and Tidal will sound great, and you can experiment with FLAC and other formats.

In the meantime, I recommend listening to music with Devialet Gemini and more.

Should you buy Devialet Gemini TWS headphones?

In retail, the headphones cost €299. The price bites, but the product turned out to be strange. Usually, in my reviews, I try not just to understand whether a thing is good or bad but could I exist with this device. Devialet Gemini infuriated me initially, but I got used to carrying them with me over time. This healthy case gets in the way even in my down jacket pocket, but I can forgive everything for the sound quality.

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There is one more thought: I did not pay for the headphones. They were provided for the test. Would I buy them myself? Well, if you imagine that you are walking somewhere in Europe, entering a store with appliances, seeing a novelty, listening, paying money – yes, I would buy. Even despite no noise reduction and no transparency mode – talking in them is also so-so. And where exactly to press the sensors, I still do not understand.

But – SOUND. You can experiment a lot with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, and with future devices for testing, I want to try some modern top-end portable player. I don’t know how Devialet did it, what kind of drivers here – on the official website, the modest “Driver – 1 Full-range per earbud” – how it was set up. Still, even the stream in MixCloud suddenly opens up and leaves an unforgettable experience. It’s worth a lot.

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So far, Devialet Gemini is in the first place in terms of sound quality in my personal chart – but before you start ordering them or looking for them, answer yourself some simple questions. Do you need quality noise cancellation, transparency, no fun with plug-and-play? As I understand it, Gemini’s vaunted calibration system does not work at all – no matter how I change the nozzles, it still failed to complete the process. Naturally, I am not discouraging you. I am just warning you. Well, I forgave everything and tell myself this: let’s remember why they invented headphones at all.

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