Why not replace the touchpad and keyboard in your laptop with a second screen? Apparently, this is the question Dell asked when they created the Concept Duet. What is this device, and when to wait for its release!

Dell Concept Duet

Along with Concept Ori, which sports a flexible screen, Dell has shown another vision for laptop development – the Concept Duet. We’ve already seen this somewhere: a large second screen, for example. These are some Asus models that have replaced the touchpad with a full touchscreen. Or Lenovo Yoga from 2018, which had a large E-Ink bar in place of the keyboard. But there was a full-fledged second screen in place of the keys. There has never been such a bold decision on the market.

Dell Concept Duet Release Date

The laptop concept was showcased by Dell earlier this year at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Representatives of the company did not name the device’s release’s timing, but given the simpler implementation than Concept Ori, a laptop based on Duet could enter the market relatively quickly. Of course, if potential buyers are interested in it.

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Dell Concept Duet

Dell Concept Duet pricing

Dell did not disclose the estimated cost of the Concept Duet and the beginning of sales of this device. But we can assume that the marketable laptop will fall into the Dell XPS 13 line if it comes to the premiere. It has a similar in design transformer with one 13.4-inch touch screen. 

Dell Concept Duet

Dell Concept Duet Specifications

Dell Concept Duet received two separate 13.4-inch touchscreen IPS-displays. The case’s hinge mechanism does not look like a revelation – something similar is used in the company’s transformer models. That is, the laptop can be expanded both 180 and 360 degrees. The second screen can become a virtual keyboard and a huge touchpad at the same time. Want a good old physical keyboard? Dell has provided for this too – along with the exhibition sample. They showed a Bluetooth keyboard, which is magnetically attached to the lower half of the second screen. But this solution is not the most convenient – when folded. It has a place on the device lid.

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You can find one USB-C port, a 3.5 mm audio jack, and a power button on the ends of the metal case. On the front, some slots hint at the acoustic capabilities of the device.

The developers do not disclose what hardware the Concept Duet runs on. Obviously, these are Intel processors for ultrabooks. The only question is what configurations the laptop will have when it hits the market.

Unlike its flexible Ori, the dual-screen Duet runs on standard Windows 10.

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Dell Concept Duet

Yet to be announced


  • Awesome idea
  • Folding tech works
  • Could be good for artists


  • Just a concept
  • Will probably be expensive

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