This year Samsung has tried very hard and presented a line of amazing accessories for advanced “clamshells” – that is, everything is as relevant and to the point as it can be. In this article, Alexander Pobyvanets and Sergey Kuzmin will tell you about their impressions of the add-ons and give advice on what and who to choose. Let’s fly!

Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

The folding Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 pleasantly surprised me – my colleagues had time to try out the new phone, while I was on vacation and missed the first acquaintance. I would like to say a big thank you to the designers, the phone looks great and is cut very well. The folding design has become stronger, the glass is more durable, and the new colors are wonderful as they are. You can choose from beige, black, lavender and green.

You can complement the smartphone with a cover to match the body or focus on contrast, here as you like best. I used the Galaxy Z Flip3 in beige as an example.

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There are five types of covers to choose from. I didn’t have all the possible options, so I’ll leave a link to Amazon where the entire rich assortment is presented.

Case Aramid Cover

This slim case is available in strict black only. It is durable and lightweight due to the use of durable aramid fiber (better known as Kevlar), does not increase the size of the phone.

Source: Samsung

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