Built for gaming: AOC AG271QX 27-inch gaming monitor review

The main point to which you should pay attention when choosing a monitor is the matrix. Displays on the IPS-matrix are used for professional work with graphics, on TN – for gaming. VA monitors are considered versatile, boasting fast response times for gaming as well as high image quality for color work. Today we have arrived for testing AOC AGON AG271QX, which is built on a TN matrix and is intended for gamers. Let’s check what he is capable of.

Appearance, design and control features

Monitor AOC AG271QX

All AOC monitors in the AGON series are gaming to the core, and the AGON AG271QX is no exception. The design adjusts to a fighting mood: sharp edges, bright red “wings” on the rear panel, minimalistic stand, cold metal surfaces – the display looks catchy and aggressive. The design provides a nice bonus – a headset holder, an indispensable accessory for a true gamer.

Monitor AOC AG271QX
Monitor AOC AG271QX
Monitor AOC AG271QX

The monitor is equipped with a full set of necessary connectors: D-Sub, DVI, DisplayPort 1.2, two HDMI 2.0. In addition, there is a splitter with four USB ports, two of which are located on the right side edge – it is convenient to connect peripherals to them. There are mini-jack audio inputs (3.5 mm).

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Monitor AOC AG271QX

Mechanical buttons are used for menu navigation and parameter setting. The package includes a controller that connects to the display via a USB port. With its help, it is convenient to manage the menu and change the preset game profiles. In addition, the package includes cables for connecting peripheral devices and three video cables DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort.

Monitor AOC AG271QX

With the help of the stand, you can change the height of the screen within 130 mm, adjust the angle of inclination forward / backward and angle of rotation to the right / left. In addition, there is a Pivot mode: the gamer can convert the display from landscape to portrait orientation – for example, to cascade multiple monitors.

AGON AG271QX is equipped with built-in speakers, the power of each of which is 3 W – this is quite enough for monitor acoustics. The volume reserve is small, there is practically no bass – they are convenient to use for listening to background music and watching videos in between battles. During this time, your ears will rest from the headset.

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Monitor AOC AG271QX

Technical specifications

Screen diagonal27 inch
Resolution2560 x 1440 pixels @ 144Hz maximum frequency
Response time1 ms
Brightness350 cd / sq.m
Contrast1000: 1
Viewing angles170 ° horizontal, 160 ° vertical
Game functionsAdaptive-Sync, Game Color, Shadow Control, Overdrive
Video inputsD-Sub, DVI, DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0 (two)
Additional connectorsFour USB 3.0 ports (of which one supports fast charging)
Loudspeakers2 x 3 W
Possibilities of transformation of the standHeight – 130mm, tilt to / from yourself – 3.5 ° / 21.5 °, turn left and right at an angle of 20 °, pivot
Energy consumption42W (working)
Dimensions623x433x218 mm

As we mentioned above, the monitor is built on a TN matrix. The response time is 1 ms, the refresh rate is 144 Hz. AOC AGON AG271QX supports AdaptiveSync technology, which ensures the smoothest frame rates – the gameplay goes without delays or freezes.


Traditionally, we start testing with color gamut. We got impressive numbers – 98% sRGB and 73% AdobeRGB.

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For a gaming monitor, brightness and contrast are important: the dark areas of the image must be clearly visible so that the enemy does not hit on the sly. In the display with both parameters, all in order: the brightness, which we received in the test lab, 50 cd / m 2 above stated. The contrast turned out to be lower than indicated by the manufacturer, but not critical – a small spread is typical for many monitors that we tested.

The gamma is fine-tuned – instead of 2.2, which is the reference, we get 2.3. This deviation can be eliminated by simple calibration.

Due to the fast response time and high refresh rate, there are no trails behind moving objects, dynamic scenes look as natural as possible. The horizontal viewing angles are wide – when you deviate from direct viewing, the image does not fade or distort.


AOC AGON AG271QX – a monitor sharpened for games. Fast response time, high refresh rate, AdaptiveSync technology – the display has everything you need to leave the battlefield victorious. The design creates a special atmosphere – an aggressive appearance adjusts to the desired wave.

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