In short, PI5 has one driver installed. The case does not support audio relaying. Other body colors are used. Well, and one more small feature, they cost ten thousand rubles cheaper, although they have all the main PI7 chips, there is noise reduction, and corporate design, and excellent sound quality. This is the end of the review, but how can I leave future PI5 owners with a minimum of information? Let’s figure it out together!


I specifically asked for white headphones for review, an enjoyable summer thing, especially if you walk along a hot street – white, as you know, does not heat up so much in the sun. Although I still advise you to protect your headphones and smartphones from the sun – of course, we are talking about thirty plus overboard. But, sinful, I walked along the street with PI5 even on the hottest days, and everything was perfect.

The case is made very curiously. The main part is made of velvety plastic. The top is glossy. It looks cool. Let me remind you that here the button for activating the pairing mode is inside the case, as if between the headphones – do not forget to use it to connect to a smartphone. This is ok, it is logical, but I would make the light indicator on the case smaller.

The case is small, easy to wear, even in shorts. The earbuds magnetize with clicks; everything is as it should be. It’s great that different materials are used in the design of the cups – there are smooth plastic, velvety plastic, and a part with a silver coating.

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And even if the headphones are quite small, it is a pleasure to look at them – the microphones are covered with perforated metal inserts, no huge logos, fingerprints do not stick.

The case is charged using a USB-C cable in about three and a half hours, fast charging is supported – we put the headphones in the case for fifteen minutes, and we get two hours of music playback. Judging by the instructions, the headphones work for about four hours in playback mode. Three more charges are provided by the case (you can count on them). As I said, the audio relay function is not supported here. I did not listen to the headphones for four hours in a row, a maximum of an hour and a half. About forty-five percent of the charge remained – the modern norm for TWS.

The application is excellent. Here you can update the software and sound effects for work, rest, meditation, or sleep. You can immediately turn on or off noise reduction and transparency mode.

I manage to wear the headphones for a long time, although I haven’t changed the attachments – there are three pairs in total. Nothing presses anywhere. Do not rub. The main question I have controls, you can get used to the touchpads. They are well made, but why does it seem to me that now the touch will not work? And why is it so not cool to tap into your ear? And I’ll tell you why – because it’s like you’re poking your finger into your brain.

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I used the headphones in tandem with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. There were no connection problems. The only thing is that sometimes one earphone is connected first, after a second, or even a split second. Remember one more thing, keeping your finger on the sensor on the left turns on / off noise cancellation. The right sensor is responsible for calling the voice assistant.

Noise suppression

Unfortunately, the noise reduction is barely noticeable – perhaps something will change with new firmware, but there is no such noticeable effect as AirPods Pro. Strong noise is barely noticeable, but even now, with ANC turned on, I can hear the keyboard, the noise on the street, the steps of a colleague nearby.

Transparency mode works fine.


The headphones are equipped with one driver – remember, PI7 has a hybrid driver. As for Bluetooth, here, the profile is 5.0, aptX and AAC are supported. That is, PI5 is nice to use both with Apple devices and with many Android smartphones. I connected PI5 to the iPhone 12 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and was very pleased with the sound.

In PI7, I was missing the bass – that’s okay here. The nature of the sound differs from AirPods Pro. If an Apple product sometimes oversimplifies the track, then PI5, on the contrary, tries to show you all the nuances – someone may not like such thoroughness. And here we again come to a simple idea – any headphones should be tried on, listened to, tried before buying.

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In retail, the headphones cost about 20,000 rubles, as for me, a very adequate and interesting offer in the world of premium TWS headphones. The pluses include excellent sound quality, versatility, and distinctive design. I see such disadvantages. Firstly, these are touchpads. Everything is ok with them in the summer, but how it will be in the cold season is hard to say. Secondly, it is not clear how the ANC was tested. The work is really almost invisible.

Colleagues asked to write – what to choose, B&W PI5 or AirPods Pro? The Apple product is equipped with the perfect noise cancellation system and perfectly complies with the tracks in Apple Music. PI5 shows more interesting results in listening to music on different devices, be it Android or Windows laptops. The choice is difficult, and there is something to puzzle over – well, I plan to use PI5 until the end of the summer, and there, you see, something new will appear. By the way, here’s a photo of the perfect summer bundle, iPhone 12 Mini and PI5.

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