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Bolt to Send Aid to Ukraine

At the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the Bolt company has made a number of changes to its activity. Now 5% of the skin care in Europe will be repaid to unruly organizations that promote Ukraine and its inhabitants, including Chervoniy Khrest.

During the first two days you will be available at all 5 services of the company, as well as arranging trips, renting scooters and electric bikes, delivering these same products, as well as renting cars. As a result of these initiatives, the company plans to redeem over 5 million euros and this year the first transfer of 1 million euros.

All the products that are produced in Russia or are associated with Russian companies can be seen from the Bolt Market product delivery services. We confirmed our work in Belarus.

The Bolt company will continue to work with all its might, so that our military workers in Ukraine will be safe, they will keep in touch with their Ukrainian colleagues, giving them the necessary support.

We have given the possibility of remote work from Ukraine, or beyond the borders, for over 100 workers, who live on the territory of the country, and have also provided them with the necessary money for moving at different times.

We continue to work as hard as we can to make our services work in Ukraine.

Last week we asked for a commission for water in Ukraine. We want our waters to take trips to the Ukrainian cordon in the southern lands, to bring Ukrainians to safe places.

From the 1st day, the category “Support” will appear in the Bolt addendum, and everyone will be able to give a support to the transported and move without cost to the various emergency needs.

Together with the Bolt Food team, we are creating teams of volunteers to help volunteers, restaurants to deliver the necessary speeches to people who need help.

Also, all the profits for the whole hour of Bolt Food in Ukraine will be given to organizations that will support Ukraine and its inhabitants.

We hope that all Bolt spies, hundreds of thousands of waters, couriers and partner restaurants, as well as others in Ukraine, will be safe.

If you want to get in touch with volunteers, and you can do a cost-free delivery – get in touch with the chat.





If you want to get help with groceries, basic necessities, then withhold your data in the form.

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